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Gibson Unveils 1959 PAF Pickups: The Ultimate $999 Guitar Upgrade?

Gibson Unveils 1959 PAF Pickups- The Ultimate $999 Guitar Upgrade?
Gibson has announced a limited release of their new 1959 Patent Applied For (PAF) humbucker ahead of NAMM 2024

Gibson has announced a limited release of their new 1959 Patent Applied For (PAF) humbucker pickups, promising the most authentic recreation of their legendary 1950s tone. These pickups are a nod to Gibson’s golden era, particularly the 1959 Les Paul ‘Bursts – highly sought-after guitars that command exorbitant prices today.

UPDATE 20/01/24

A few new leaked images of the new 1959 Patent Applied For (PAF) humbucker set. Shared on My LesPaul forum by ReWind James.

Gibsons New $1k Collector's Series 1 Pickups case.php

Gibson Unveils 1959 PAF Pickups- The Ultimate Guitar Upgrade?jpeg

Gibson 1959 PAF Pickups: The Ultimate Guitar Upgrade?

Recognizing the high demand and value of original PAFs in the market, Gibson has leveraged 3D scanning, scientific analysis, and reverse engineering to develop these pickups. They claim to offer an unparalleled replication of the original PAF tone, considered by many as the pinnacle of humbucking pickup sound.

Gibson Unveils 1959 PAF Pickups The Ultimate Guitar Upgrade.jpg

Seth Lover

Seth Lover‘s original PAF design is up there with the very best guitar pickups of all time and has to be one of the best-known models of any pickup type.

Gibson PAF rear

Limited Run

With only 1,000 sets available, each set features serialized 1959-style numbering and comes in a Lifton presentation case. The pickups include Vintage White butyrate bobbins, Alnico 4 roughcast magnets, and nickel covers, mirroring the vintage specifications.

Each pair of pickups comes in a case, complete with case candy to accompany them.

Gibson Unveils 1959 PAF PickupsCase Candy

Register to Buy

The price for these coveted pickups has now been confirmed, and they’re at a premium price point, albeit more affordable than the original PAFs sold on secondary markets. Interested buyers can stay updated and register for the sale by using the link below.

MSRP – $999

More Information

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7 thoughts on “Gibson Unveils 1959 PAF Pickups: The Ultimate $999 Guitar Upgrade?

  1. Another money making scam by Gibson LOL $999.00? If people fall for this they deserve to loose a grand..Good night LOL

    1. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Gibson is price gouging their customers that they “say” they love? If that’s love, I’d hate to see the “hate” price!! Even the Studio les paul has had a hefty price increase. Gibson is really taking advantage of their customers on these 2 products. I own a Gibson les paul standard and I have always loved Gibson and I longed for the day I would own one. It plays good BUT like all Gibson’s it won’t stay in tune,and I’ve tried everything. I purchased a “Dimebag” guitar in December for a grand and I have to be honest, right outta the box the Dean plays BETTER and more importantly, it stays in tune. But here’s the sad thing:as long as the yuppies keep paying these ridiculous prices, the prices are gonna continue to rise!! And now you have a Epiphone that’s $1200 bucks? I’m sorry but if I’m dropping 1200,it’s gonna be for a Wylde Audio or something that I don’t have to work on just to get to play good. Sure the new Epiphone has some nice upgrades, but at tge end of the day it still plays like an Epiphone, and I have 2 les Paul’s. Thanks for letting me vent, but I couldn’t go any longer without speaking on this matter, and because I own a Gibson and Epiphones I feel that I have credentials to speak on this. So,let’s all make a stand about these ridiculous prices!!

  2. Another money making scam by Gibson, Playing on customer loyalty. If somebody pays that much for these they deserve to lose a G. There’s many many winders out there doing it for much less just don’t have the Gibson name on it. OMW Good night….$999??? wow

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