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Fulltone USA is Back: Boutique effect pedal maker is back again

Fulltone is Back!
Fulltone USA is Back in business with the help of Jackson Audio. Meaning, the OCD overdrive is back in production once more

Fulltone is Back, with Mike Fuller at the helm, just now he has Brad Jackson taking 90% of the workload off. 

Fulltone is Back!

Fulltone USA closed down in 2022 and the prices of used Fulltone effects shot up on the secondhand market. Mike Fuller, had enough and sold his premises. Now they are back with Jackson Audio’s Brad Jackson.

For over 30 years Fulltone has defined boutique quality effects and helped guitarists create great tones. In the video below you can hear all about the newly revived Fulltone and how the two men plan to move forward with the brand.


The OCD is once more available again and can be purchased directly from the revamped site. We are expecting even more releases of old favorites over the coming year. Along with some potential new effects, as mentioned in the video above.

OCD 1.4

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4 thoughts on “Fulltone USA is Back: Boutique effect pedal maker is back again

  1. Man , I feel sorry for the guitarists who purchased over priced pedals now…..some poor souls thought that ocd pedal was worth a rare coin only to have a new version coming….seems like the 48th Kiss farewell tour…..hmm

    1. Well… I see plenty of V2 OCDs out there, both new, and used below full price. For some odd reason, Fulltone shutting down seemed to make all of the V1.x prices go crazy for a while, which makes no sense. The supply of these used pedals is the same either way. The V2 was not that well received. It will be interesting to see what happens if the new Fulltone starts reissuing the earlier versions. (Fulltone WAZA…lol!)

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