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NAMM 2024: Philosopher’s Tone 2 Compressor Pedal by Pigtronix

NAMM 2024- Philosopher's Tone 2 Compressor Pedal by Pigtronix
Pigtronix launches their new updated Philosopher's Tone 2 Compressor Pedal and it now has more great features for guitarists

In the latest unveiling at NAMM 2024, Pigtronix introduces the Philosopher’s Tone 2, the eagerly anticipated second generation of their iconic compressor pedal. This new iteration enhances your pedalboard with an expanded arsenal, featuring dual clipping options in its onboard gain stage for versatile sound sculpting.

Philosopher’s Tone 2

The original Philosopher’s Tone gained acclaim for its Grit control, a standout feature that added a layer of versatility to the compressor/sustainer, catering to a wide range of playing styles. Pigtronix has elevated this functionality in Philosopher’s Tone 2 by incorporating an independent footswitch for the Grit section. This addition allows players to select between two distinct clipping modes: silicon for a sharper bite or germanium for a smoother, mid-rich tone, easily toggled with the Voice switch located on the pedal’s front panel.


Designed to synergize with the sustainer circuit, the Grit circuit in the germanium mode enriches your electric guitar’s tone with a smooth top-end and a full-bodied midrange. The Philosopher’s Tone 2 not only delivers a spectrum of overdriven sounds, from subtle warmth to intense saturation but remains true to its primary function of precise signal compression, enhancing your playing dynamics.

Pigtronix launches their new updated Philosopher's Tone 2 Compressor Pedal and it now has more great features for guitarists


The pedal introduces a Blend control, offering players the ability to mix their uncompressed signal to achieve the perfect equilibrium for their unique sound, maintaining clarity and attack while benefiting from sustained, leveled tones. The user-friendly control layout includes Volume for overall output, Treble for fine-tuning the high-end with a 6dB boost or cut at 2kHz, and Sustain for adjusting the level of sustain. The Grit control adds overdrive, activated only when the Grit stage is in use.

NAMM 2024- Philosopher's Tone 2 Compressor Pedal by Pigtronix.jpg

Pedalboard Friendly

Convenience is key with top-mounted jacks and LED indicators for active pedal and Grit stages, ensuring ease of use on any pedalboard. Powered by an 18V supply for ample headroom, the Philosopher’s Tone 2 is efficient with a 100mA draw, promising a versatile range from classic country twang to modern, edge-of-breakup tones.

Ideal for genres from funk to Americana, the Philosopher’s Tone 2, priced at $199, is a versatile addition for any guitarist seeking to enrich their sound with warmth and character.

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