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Discover the Vintage Charm of Behringer Spring Reverberation 636

Discover the Vintage Charm of Behringer Spring Reverberation 636
Behringer Spring Reverberation 636 gives you pure analog dual mechanical springs reverb. Based on the legendary Grampian Type 636

Dive into the sonic depths of the past with the Behringer Spring Reverberation 636, a masterpiece that resurrects the iconic Grampian analog reverb essence. Designed for guitarists,  Eurorack enthusiasts, and vintage sound aficionados alike, this spring reverb unit brings the classic, expansive soundscapes of yesteryears into the modern studio setup.

Behringer Spring Reverberation 636: A Nostalgic Journey with Modern Flair

The Behringer Spring Reverberation 636 stands as a testament to the golden era of analog audio effects, where the physicality of sound manipulation was both a craft and an art. Unlike the compact digital effects units of today, the Spring Reverberation 636 revels in its physical presence, demanding attention and creative engagement.


Grampian Type 636

The original Grampian Type 636 was used by Pete Townshend and legendary reggae dub master Lee “Scratch” Perry. Offering dual mechanical springs that provide that lush and dynamic reverb sound.

Behringer’s recreation also includes the Overload Circuit that shows you when things get a little hot via a large orange-colored jewel light in the center of the unit.

Key Features:

– Authentic Vintage Sound: Drawing inspiration from the legendary 636 units, Behringer meticulously replicates the rich, immersive reverb generated by the original’s expansive spring tank.
– Versatile Connectivity: With Eurorack compatibility and 1/4″ jacks, this unit seamlessly integrates into any studio setup, offering flexibility whether used as a desktop effect or as part of a modular synth rig.
– Dual-Channel Input: Catering to a wide range of sources, the Spring Reverberation 636 features two distinct inputs for low and high-impedance signals, accommodating everything from microphones to guitars and preamps.
– Intuitive Controls: Gain adjustments for mic and auxiliary channels, coupled with a mix control for the reverb, offer hands-on manipulation for crafting the perfect sound. 



Why Choose Behringer Spring Reverberation 636?

The Spring Reverberation 636 isn’t just about adding reverb; it’s about adding character, warmth, and a touch of nostalgia to your music. Its ability to deliver saturated, vibrant sounds with a reverb time extending over 2 seconds makes it a prized tool for producers and musicians aiming to infuse their tracks with depth and personality.

Discover the Vintage Charm of Behringer Spring Reverberation 636


Eurorack Compatibility Meets Vintage Sound

Behringer enhances the user experience by incorporating Eurorack-friendly connections, making the Spring Reverberation 636 a versatile choice for modular enthusiasts. The ease of patching within a Eurorack setup or utilizing it as a standalone unit amplifies its appeal to a broad spectrum of audio professionals and hobbyists.

Experience the Unmistakable Character

The Behringer Spring Reverberation 636 not only sounds exceptional but also inspires a fresh perspective on reverb and sound texture. Its unique presence and sonic signature encourage creative exploration, making it a must-have for anyone looking to add a vintage vibe with modern reliability to their audio toolkit.

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