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Silktone Overdrive+ with Strangle/Raw Boost Modes

Silktone Overdrive+ with Strangle:Raw Boost Modes
The Silktone Overdrive+ is a new boutuque overdrive pedal with Strangle/Raw Boost Modes. Designed and built in Placer County, California

Introducing the Silktone Overdrive+ pedal, from the amp and pedal makers based in Placer County, California. This isn’t your everyday overdrive pedal. With its unique “Strangle/Raw” boost modes, it stands out in a sea of guitar effects. Whether you’re looking for a subtle tone enhancement or a full-on high-gain assault for your solos, the Overdrive+ has you covered.

Silktone Overdrive+

Silktone has crafted an overdrive/boost pedal that’s sure to pique the interest of guitarists everywhere. The “Strangle/Raw” toggle switch isn’t just a gimmick; it offers two distinct boost options to complement the pedal’s overdrive capability. From a gentle, always-on enhancement to a powerhouse lead tone, the Overdrive+ is versatile and ready to elevate your sound.

Silktone Overdrive+ with Strangle:Raw Boost Modes

Classic Drive Tones

Charles Henry, the mastermind behind Silktone, acknowledges the crowded overdrive market. Yet, he aimed to create something extraordinary, not just another pedal. The Overdrive+ is designed to dazzle with its beautiful tones or deliver a fierce sonic punch when needed.

​“What is there to say about an overdrive? They’re everywhere. Didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, just wanted to make a wheel that could sound beautiful… or rip faces off. I’ve always maintained that the best drive pedal is the one that drives you to the store to get p90s and a real amp. I wanted to make one that made me eat my words.” – Charles Henry

Boutique Drive

Priced at $269, this boutique pedal boasts a high-quality build and an aesthetic that aligns with Silktone’s premium amplifiers. Its circuitry, a blend of JFETs, op-amps, and diodes, maximizes the potential of a simple control layout. With knobs for Volume, Tone, and Gain, plus mini-toggle switches for bass cut and clipping mode, it offers a range of sonic textures.

Silktone Overdrive+.

Dual Drive

The pedal features dual footswitches for activating the overdrive and the boost, with the latter bringing the innovative Strangle/Raw switch into play. Choose “Strangle” for a filtered tone reminiscent of classic rock legends, or “Raw” for a pure, unadulterated boost. Dual Amber LEDs indicate the active status of the pedal and its boost function.

It is available in Concrete and Dark finishes, directly from the company site

Discover more about the Silktone Overdrive+ and its capabilities by visiting Silktone’s website and checking out the demo videos. This pedal is more than just another addition to your board—it’s a versatile tool that can help you redefine your tone.

MSRP – $269 

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