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Jen Ritter Encore $40k Tube Amp

Jen Ritter’s Encore tube amp is an impressive looking amp. However, it isn't cheap and it is a very odd shape

This Jen Ritter Encore tube amp offers a stylish look and a striking finish. The design is reminiscent of 50s-60s futurism. However, it will set you back $40k and may not be a very practical amp to move around.

Jen Ritter Encore

If you are in the market for a unique, stylish tube amp then the Jen Ritter Encore may be the answer you have been looking for. It combines modern sleek design, with a retro vintage aesthetic with it’s curved shape and almost wave like appearance. However, at €36k, which is basically $40k, this tube amp is not exactly affordable to the average musician.

Though, I have to admit it looks pretty impressive in that white and red finish. A real statement piece and very striking.

Boutique Amp

German guitar builder Jens Ritter Instruments has created this amp using some high end parts, including 18-karat white gold-covered tubes, and ice-frosted, white gold-coated sapphire-topped control knobs.

Laser Engraving

The design also features a polished stainless steel chassis with laser engravings of famous guitar players’ names, these can also be customised when place you order.

Dual Channel/Twin Speakers

This twin-channel, 58 watt amp is voiced like a Fender Bassman, and a Dumble Classic. Two amps that inspired them to build the Encore. The design uses two different 12″ speakers, with a Jensen speaker in an open-back design for a warmer, more resonant sound, and an Electro-Voice that is housed in a bass reflex system, for a tighter, punchier tone.

Design wise it offers two clean channels, advanced tone shaping controls, a switchable serial effects loop, with selectable mains voltage and flexible speaker impedance.

Each amp will take around 7 months to build, so if you want one you should take the wait time into account. Then, you’ll need to find a flight case to fit it, and work out how you are going to fit it into the band’s van. Good luck with that.

MSRP – €36k

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