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Introducing the Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitars – V1 and V2 versions

Manson Matt Bellamy GEO “Mask” guitar
Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitars include the V1 and the V2 versions. They aren't exactly cheap, but they model Matt Bellamy's instrument.

They are introducing the Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar: A Tribute to Matt Bellamy’s Iconic Style. Two exceptional versions of this guitar are available: the V1 and the V2.

Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar

Manson Guitar Works unveils the latest masterpiece, the MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar, starting at £7,999 for the V1 model and escalating to £13,999 for the V2 variant. This stunning instrument draws inspiration from the futuristic, multi-faceted design wielded by Muse’s Matt Bellamy during their electrifying 2023 Will Of The People tour.

Manson Matt Bellamy GEO “Mask” guitar


The MB GEO Mask Edition mirrors the unique allure of Bellamy’s famed stage instrument, with the only distinction being the backplate, which showcases the serial number and the WOTP emblem, diverging from the original’s custom Manson employee engravings.

Crafted with precision, this guitar boasts high-end hardware and electronics synonymous with Bellamy’s preferred stage setups. It features the innovative Sustainiac Stealth Pro sustainer system, Manson’s proprietary PF-1 MB pickup, and is adorned with Gotoh 5 series hardware alongside a glossy Manson custom control knob.


Guitar enthusiasts can select between two exquisite models: The V1, priced at £7,999, flaunts an alder body, a high-flame maple neck, and an ebony fretboard. Each V1 comes with a durable Manson Hiscox Liteflite case and a certificate autographed by Matt Bellamy himself.

Manson Geo Mask Edition

V2 Premium Edition

The premium V2 model, available for £13,999, elevates the experience with a 5A flame, figured, roasted maple neck. This version is encased in a sturdy, UK-crafted Protechnic flight case, tailor-made for optimum protection. The V2 package is enriched with exclusive accessories, including a Manson Heistercamp premium strap with the GEO logo, limited edition GEO picks, a laser-etched certificate with a unique number for each guitar, and a rare colour print signed by Bellamy.

Manson Geo Mask Edition V2

For the die-hard Muse enthusiasts, the V2 edition also includes a replica of Bellamy’s stage mask from the WOTP shows, crafted by the original designer using the same materials, ensuring an unparalleled collectable that will not be reproduced.

Availability is strictly limited to ten units each for the Geo Mask Edition V1 and V2, making this a must-have for collectors and Muse fans.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to these, you could always opt for the more affordable Cort/Manson versions of Bellamy’s guitars.

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