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Epiphone Firebirds: A Stellar Gibson Custom Shop Collaboration

Epiphone Firebirds - Gibson Custom Shop Collaboration
Epiphone Firebirds, new 1963 Firebird I and V model initially designed by the iconic designer Ray Dietrich with Gibson Custom Shop influence.

Discover the ultimate blend of vintage charm and modern craftsmanship with the Epiphone Firebirds, a remarkable collaboration between Epiphone and the Gibson Custom Shop. The 1963 Firebird I and V models are not just guitars but pieces of history designed by the iconic automotive designer Ray Dietrich. These guitars are a testament to legendary performances by icons like Johnny Winter and Eric Clapton, offering a seamless fusion of vintage-style construction and premium Gibson USA pickups.

Epiphone Firebirds

Cesar Gueikian, the dynamic president and CEO of Gibson Brands, recently reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to innovative collaborations. True to his promise, the 1963 Firebird I and V models have landed, showcasing the epitome of Epiphone’s craftsmanship and Gibson’s legendary design. Crafted in Epiphone’s Chinese facility, these guitars boast an authentic Gibson USA essence, thanks to their top-notch specifications and American-made electric guitar pickups.

Epiphone 1963 Firebird V in Frost Blue
Frost Blue

Gibson USA Firebird Mini Humbucker

The design features include the signature Gibson USA Firebird Mini Humbucker pickups, with the Firebird V model boasting dual pickups for versatile sound dynamics and the Firebird I model featuring a singular bridge pickup. These pickups, powered by Alnico V magnets, offer a rich and powerful sound, perfect for dialling up the intensity or playing it sweet and mellow, much like Johnny Winter’s legendary performances.

Epiphone 1963 Firebird V in Ember Red
Ember Red

Ray Dietrich

The allure of the Firebird goes beyond its sound; its design is a nod to the golden era of guitar aesthetics, influenced by automotive design trends. The collaboration between Gibson and Ray Dietrich resulted in a guitar that stands out for its bold, innovative design. The Firebird’s neck-through construction, combining nine-ply mahogany and walnut, is a highlight of this collaboration, offering unparalleled quality at an Epiphone price point.

Epiphone 1963 Firebird I in Heather Poly
Heather Poly


Quality Components

Every detail, from the CTS pots and Mallory capacitors to the Switchcraft components and Kluson tuners, has been meticulously chosen to enhance the playing experience. The guitars feature a reverse headstock with Indian laurel fretboards, ensuring comfort and style.

Epiphone 1963 Firebird I in Inverness Green
Inverness Green


The 1963 Firebird I and V models differ in their pickup configurations, hardware options, and aesthetic details, offering something unique for every player. The models also come in various finishes, including Heather Poly, Silver Mist, Inverness Green, Frost Blue, and Ember Red, each accompanied by a hard-shell case and vintage-inspired accessories.

Epiphone 1963 Firebird I in Silver Mist
Silver Mist


Now available, the Inspired By Gibson Custom Shop 1963 Firebird I and Firebird V models are a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors, priced at £1,349 / $1,699. For more details, visit Epiphone’s official website.

Available now at Thomann: Heather Poly, Silver Mist, Inverness Green, Frost Blue, Ember Red,

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