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15 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs: Amplify Your Guitar Skills

The Top 15 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs: Amplify Your Guitar Skills
The Top 15 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs - That caters for beginners to seasoned pros and everyone in-between, these are the tools you need!

Top 15 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs! In the digital age, how musicians practice, create, and share their art has transformed dramatically. For guitarists, the internet is a treasure trove of resources that can elevate their music to new heights without the hassle of downloads or installations. Whether you’re jamming, songwriting, or looking to promote your music, these online tools can help you.

15 Online Tools Every Guitarist Needs

Here’s a list of 15 indispensable online musician tools that cater to every guitar player’s needs, from beginners to seasoned pros. Many of these online tools we have used for years offer a handy set of references for practicing and learning the guitar.

We also have a list of useful How To articles here on Guitar Bomb with specific lessons on guitar setup, recording and more.

1. Audacity: The Swiss Army Knife of Audio Editing

This open-source software is available at Audacity and is perfect for multi-track audio editing and recording across various operating systems. Its user-friendly interface makes it a go-to for musicians everywhere.

2. Ultimate Guitar: Your Go-To Tab Library

With an extensive collection of chord and tab sheets, Ultimate Guitar is the premier destination for learning and mastering your favorite songs.

3. Jamstudio: The Virtual Band Awaiting Your Command

At Jamstudio, find the perfect backing band ready to accompany your practice sessions, no matter the time or place.

4. Online Metronome: Keeping You in Time

Perfect your rhythm and timing with the easy-to-use Online Metronome.

Online Metronome
Online Metronome – Keeps you in time

5. Circle of Fifths Interactive Tool: Unlocking Music Theory

The Circle of Fifths interactive tool is invaluable for understanding keys and modes and is a must-have for music theory buffs.

Circle of Fifths Interactive Tool
Learn your relative Majors and minors using Circle of Fifths Interactive Tool

6. Guitar Tab Creator: Write, Share, and Discover Tabs

Create and share your guitar tabs easily with Guitar Tab Creator, making music sharing seamless.

Guitar Tab Creator
Helps you write tablature for guitar

7. Noteflight: The Online Music Notation Software

Noteflight lets you write, view, print, and hear professional-quality music notation right in your web browser.

Write notation easily

8. Spotify: The Ultimate Music Database

With millions of songs at your fingertips, Spotify is a fantastic resource for inspiration and musical discovery.

A world of music at your fingertips

9. All Guitar Chords: Scale and Chord Finder

Explore an extensive application of scales, chords, and more at All Guitar Chords.

All Guitar Chords
Learn all the chords you need on the guitar easily

10. Oolimo: The Chord Player and Generator

Oolimo offers a brilliant chord generator and player, making learning and playing chords easier.

Generate chords quickly

11. YouTube Play-Along Backing Tracks

For major and minor chord progressions, blues, and jazz tracks, YouTube is a fantastic resource for guitarists looking to jam. We recommend @BSBT as an excellent starting point for popular songs, as they have over 6000 backing tracks.

12. ReverbNation: The Music Marketing Platform

ReverbNation focuses on the independent music scene, offering collaboration and communication tools for musicians and industry professionals.

Easy-to-use services and exclusive industry access

13. E-Chords: The Ultimate Source for Tabs and Chords

With a fresh design and a premium section, E-Chords offers extensive resources for guitarists seeking to learn and teach.

Songs, chords, tabs, and more

14. The Missing Track: Online Music Production

Collaborate to polish your recordings or arrange your song with The Missing Track, even if you’re missing instruments.

The Missing Track
Helps you to turn your demos into finished songs

15. Drumbot: The Loop Drum Machine

Drumbot is an excellent online machine for jamming or practicing for those without a drummer.

Program your own rhythms

Embark on a Musical Journey Online

These tools not only make music more accessible but also open up endless possibilities for learning, creating, and sharing. From tuning your guitar to writing music or finding the perfect backing track, everything you need is just a click away. Dive into these resources and watch your guitar skills soar to new heights. Happy strumming!

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