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Wampler Ego 76 Compressor: A Tribute to the Iconic 1176 Peak Limiter

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Get the legendary 1176 compressor sound in a pedal! Wampler's new Ego 76 offers studio-grade control and iconic FET compression for your guitar rig

Wampler Pedals is excited to announce the release of the Ego 76 Compressor, a new guitar pedal paying homage to the legendary studio compressor, the 1176 Peak Limiter. Designed by acclaimed pedal maker Brian Wampler, the Ego 76 offers guitarists unparalleled dynamic control with studio-quality sound.

More Than Just Compression

The Ego 76 compressor transcends the basic signal “squashing.” Built upon FET (field-effect transistor) technology, it features studio-grade Attack and Release controls, a Parallel Clean Blend knob, and a finely-tuned Tone knob. Each aspect has been carefully designed to capture the sonic essence of the 1176, bringing a touch of its magic to any pedalboard.

“The Ego 76 isn’t just a compressor pedal; it’s an invitation to explore legendary studio tones,” says Brian Wampler, founder of Wampler Pedals. “Inspired by the 1176’s legacy, you may never want to turn it off once you plug it in.”

Wampler Ego 76 Compressor- A Tribute to the Iconic 1176 Peak Limiter pedal
Inspired by the 1176 Peak Limiter

The Magic of the 1176

Since 1967, the 1176 Peak Limiter has been a studio workhorse renowned for its FET-based circuitry, delivering an “enhanced” sound, especially when pushed hard. The Ego 76 aims to bottle that magic, building upon the foundational tones 1176 to bring greater energy and brilliance to the modern guitarist.

Studio-Style Control

The Ego 76 goes beyond the typical pedal compressor. The Tone, Attack, Release, Level, Compress, and Parallel Clean Blend controls give players meticulous control over sound shaping. The Tone knob dials in that famous 1176 brightness, while Attack and Release knobs allow precise customization usually reserved for rack gear.

Parallel Compression Power

The Parallel Clean Blend knob offers an essential element derived from classic studio techniques. This lets players mix their unaffected signal, achieving the perfect compression balance with their guitar’s natural voice.

guitar effects, guitar pedals, compressor pedal, studio gear, tone shaping, Brian Wampler, Wampler Pedals
Wampler Ego 76

More Than a Clone

Wampler understood simply copying the 1176’s FET circuit wouldn’t fully translate the experience heard on classic records. The Ego 76 considers the nuances of vintage studio gear, from preamps to mixing consoles, and recreates the sonic ‘glue’ that holds legendary guitar tones together.

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