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Keeley Electronics 4-in-1 Pedals: Blues Disorder, Angry Orange, & Super Rodent

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Discover Keeley's "4-in-1" pedals -- Blues Disorder, Super Rodent, Angry Orange -- for game-changing overdrive, distortion, and fuzz tones!

Keeley Electronics 4-in-1 Pedals are here. At the heart of these creations are the Blues Disorder, Angry Orange, and Super Rodent—pedals that allow you to sculpt your drive tone with unprecedented flexibility.

Keeley Electronics 4-in-1 Pedals

Each Keeley Electronics 4-in-1 series pedal masterfully blends two iconic drive circuits. More importantly, they feature switches that let you mix and match different gain stages and tone stacks. Imagine creating a Blues Breaker-inspired overdrive with a hard-clipping distortion tone stack or a classic Rat with a Super Overdrive’s smoothness. The sonic possibilities are endless.

Blues Disorder: Bluesy Overdrive Meets Rich Distortion

Blues Disorder

BB meets OC

  • Combines Keeley’s takes on classic Bluesbreaker (BB) and Orange County Distortion (OC) pedals.
  • Soft-clipping overdrive for that buttery blues tone.
  • Hard-clipping distortion that delivers a richer, fuller sound.
  • Hybrid modes for unique and inspiring drive tones.

Super Rodent: A Distortion Playground

Super Rodent

Rat and SD-1

  • Fuses the legendary Rat (RT) and Super Overdrive (SD) circuits.
  • Experience classic distortion tones alongside two entirely new hybrid creations.
  • Unleash your creativity with a vast palette of overdrive and distortion flavors.

Angry Orange: Fuzz and Distortion Collide

Angry Orange

DS-1 and Muff

  • Inspired by a ’78 Japanese Orange Distortion and a ’91 Civil War Fuzz.
  • Effortlessly switch between iconic sounds or create monstrous hybrid “fuzzztortions”.
  • Explore a massive range of saturated, aggressive tones.

Key Features of the Keeley “4-in-1” Series

  • Customizable Drive: Experiment with different overdrive, distortion, and fuzz circuits.
  • Flexible Tone Shaping: Craft your signature sound by swapping tone stacks.
  • Buffered or True-Bypass: Toggle effortlessly for optimal signal integrity within your rig.
  • Pro-Grade Construction: Meticulously engineered and built in the USA.

Pricing and Availability

The Keeley Electronics 4-in-1 Pedals Blues Disorder, Super Rodent, and Angry Orange are now available at Thomann. If you love pedals, then be sure to read our Top 5 Distortion and Overdrive Pedals and How To Use Them article.

MSRP – $199 each

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