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ENGL Savage Mark II: Legendary High-Gain Tone Unleashed in Softube’s Amp Room Suite

ENGL Savage Mark II- Legendary High-Gain Tone Unleashed in Softube's Amp Room Suite "ENGL Savage Mark II", "Amp Room", "Softube", "guitar amp modeling", "high-gain amplifier"
Unleash the power of the ENGL Savage Mark II in your studio with Softube's Amp Room Suite. Faithful amp models, premium effects, and intuitive workflow for defining high-gain tone

Softube expands its renowned Amp Room guitar and bass platform with the Amp Room ENGL Savage Mark II Suite. This meticulously crafted suite, born from a collaboration with legendary amp makers ENGL Amplification, delivers the iconic high-gain sound that has defined genres and powered the playing of artists like Ritchie Blackmore, Paul Stanley, and Steve Morse.

ENGL Savage Mark II

The Softube Amp Room ENGL Savage Mark II Suite puts the defining sound of modern high-gain amplification at your fingertips. Its authentic modelling, flexible features, and inspiring preset makes it ideal for guitarists seeking uncompromising tones.

If you need a virtual high-gain amp suite, this could be just what you need.

Authentic ENGL Experience

Faithful ENGL Savage Mark II Models: Dive into the ferocious tones of 120W and 60W versions of the Savage Mark II amp heads.
Expertly Captured ENGL Cabinets: Explore five ENGL cabinets and fine-tune your sound with precision mic placement.
Premium Pedals and Effects: Add depth and character with four included pedals and a full suite of studio-grade effects.
Effortless Workflow: A redesigned interface and custom IR loader streamline your tone-sculpting process.
Inspiring Presets and IR Packs: Kickstart your creativity with curated presets and eight IR Producer Packs.

Effects pedal emulations include the stereo delay, compressor, boost and reverb.

Effects Pedals

More Effects

Amp Room also includes RoomIR, EQ and compressor modules from American Class A and is compatible with a hand-picked selection of studio FX plug-ins.

Softube ENGL Amp Room
Softube ENGL Amp Room

Softube’s Modeling Mastery

The renowned “Rock & Roll Scientists” at Softube meticulously hand-craft their amp models, ensuring exceptional authenticity without using Artificial Intelligence. Experience the expertise that makes ENGL Savage Mark II Suite the absolute pinnacle in amp modelling.

Introductory Price – €69 instead of €99 for a limited time

Available at Pluginboutique now

Remember to grab your free copy of Softube VCA Compressor, worth $149.

This offer is for an actual ENGL E606 Ironball SE in a limited edition red and is currently running.

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