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Tubesteader Lightkeeper V2 – Compact All-Tube Preamp for Guitarists

Tubesteader Lightkeeper V2 Guitar Pedal Dumble Overdrive Special Preamp
The Tubesteader Lightkeeper V2 is your all-tube solution for Dumble-inspired cleans, a versatile pedal platform, or direct-to-power-amp tones

Introducing the Tubesteader Lightkeeper V2: Your ticket to Dumble-inspired clarity. Experience the clarity and warmth of an all-tube Dumble-inspired preamp.

Tubesteader Lightkeeper V2

Tubesteader shrinks their acclaimed Dumble-inspired Lightkeeper preamp into a compact all-tube design. The Lightkeeper V2 is perfect for guitarists chasing those elusive Dumble Overdrive Special “High Plate” clean tones with bright articulation and a refined midrange.

They state the pedal has a vintage Fender vibe but with tighter bass and more prominent mids, thanks to the Dumble-refined tone stack, which takes a classic Fender circuit to the next level.

Key Features

  • Dumble-style Clean Tones: Effortlessly dial-in sounds reminiscent of classic Fender amps but with a Dumble-inspired tightness and clarity.
  • Versatile Pedal Platform: Use the Lightkeeper V2 as the foundation for your pedalboard, into a power amp, or even into the front of your amp for expanded sonic possibilities.
  • Tone Sculpting Controls: Deep and Boost toggle switches, plus standard EQ options, provide extensive tonal customization.
Tubesteader Lightkeeper V2 Guitar Pedal Dumble Overdrive Special Preamp
Tubesteader Lightkeeper V2

Internal Voltage

The Lightkeeper V2 is powered by a standard 12VDC input, internally amplified to 280VDC, ensuring the 12AX7 vacuum tube operates at its peak and delivers optimal tonal quality.

Alongside the classic Gain, Volume, Treble, Mid, and Bass controls, the device boasts dual three-way toggle switches for Deep and Boost adjustments, further broadening the tonal landscape.

Why Choose the Lightkeeper V2?

  • Authentic Tube Warmth: The Lightkeeper V2 delivers that coveted “tube feel” to your rig, perfect for recording or live use.
  • Compact Design: Pedalboard-friendly footprint doesn’t sacrifice tone.
  • Premium Build Quality: Tubesteader products are known for their craftsmanship

Pricing and Ordering

Tubesteader is a Montreal-based workshop that creates vacuum tube guitar pedals. They quote a two-week wait time for new orders. Everything is handmade in Canada, so expect a high-quality product.

The Lightkeeper V2 lists at $279. Order yours today from select retailers or directly through the Tubesteader website.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

This is another great-sounding Dumble-style preamp pedal and one we think is worth checking out. It follows from the recent AmpMojo Sol Drive, which we covered a few weeks back, and is in similar territory. If you love tube-driven tone, 2024 is already spoiling you for choice.

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