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Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient: Lush Reverb with Sliders

Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient Reverb Pedal with sliders affordable
Elevate your sound with the Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient. Get expansive reverb, easy-to-use controls, and a budget-friendly price

Walrus Audio expands its popular Fundamental Series with the new Fundamental Ambient reverb pedal, offering expansive, atmospheric soundscapes at an accessible price point.

Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient

Explore gorgeous ambient soundscapes with the Walrus Audio Fundamental Amnient reverb pedal. Three distinct reverb modes and intuitive slider controls make it easy to use. It expands the Fundamental Series of affordable effects and adds the second reverb effect to the series of pedals.

Three Lush Reverb Modes

The pedal delivers three distinct reverb modes for crafting ambient sounds:

  • Deep: Dive into dark, cavernous reverb with a rich, low-octave effect.
  • Lush: Experience airy, expansive reverb with ultra-long, shimmering sustain.
  • Haze: Get lo-fi, textured ambience with distortion, sample rate reduction, and resonant filtering.
Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient
Walrus Audio Fundamental Ambient

Intuitive Control with Sliders

Effortlessly sculpt your reverb with intuitive sliders for:

  • Decay: Control the reverb tail length.
  • Tone: Adjust brightness or darkness.
  • Mix: Blend your dry and wet signals.
Three Sliders

Affordable, High-Quality Reverb

This latest effect is excellent for players seeking quality ambient reverb effects without breaking the bank. Its player-friendly controls and premium sound make it a standout in its price range.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

Walrus Audio’s Fundamental Series of pedals is shaping to be one to watch out for; this latest addition is a pleasant surprise and takes them beyond primary bread-and-butter effects. Lush soundscapes, three excellent modes, and super-easy controls. This affordable pedal is an ambient dream come true.

MSRP:  £125 / $129.99 / €145

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