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Synyster Gates’ Dark Masterpiece: Schecter Synyster Custom-S Relic

Schecter Synyster Custom-S Synester Gates Avenged Sevenfold
Synyster Gates' new Schecter Custom-S delivers his signature sound with a rebellious twist. Distressed finish, ebony fretboard, and battle-ready hardware – this guitar is a dark masterpiece.

Avenged Sevenfold’s guitar maestro, Synyster Gates, in collaboration with Schecter Guitars, unleashes a symphony of darkness and power – the Schecter Synyster Custom-S. Earlier this month, we saw the Schecter ZV-H6LLYW66D, Zacky Vengeance’s new signature; now, this aged model has officially dropped.

Schecter Synyster Custom-S

This stunning signature guitar embodies the rebellious spirit and haunting aesthetic of A7X’s recent album, “Life is But a Dream…” Its distressed finish and classic lines hark back to Gates’ iconic tone. Those anticipating his on-stage gold headless guitar will be left breathless, wondering if it heralds a new era in Schecter designs.

Schecter Synyster Custom-S.
That Relic-look

A Signature Sound, Refined

Synyster Gates and Schecter wisely choose to evolve, rather than reinvent, the beloved Avenger design. This Synyster Custom-S radiates individuality and will surely become an instant classic for fans and shredders alike.

Schecter Synyster Custom-S Synester Gates Avenged Sevenfold

Materials That Sing

This guitar is built to perform. The mahogany body delivers the quintessential warmth and resonance that defines Gates’ signature sound.

Paired with a sleek 16″ radius ebony fretboard adorned with 24 X-Jumbo stainless steel frets, the playing experience is lightning-fast. The ultra-thin C-profile mahogany three-piece carbon fibre reinforcement rods neck and Luminlay side dots ensure effortless navigation even in the darkest stage settings.

Schecter Synyster Custom-S Synester Gates Avenged Sevenfold
Floyd Rose 1500

Battle-Worn Beauty

The Distressed Satin Black finish is the standout feature of this new model. Boldly peeling back to reveal the raw mahogany beneath, the guitar tells a story of hard-fought battles, a visual echo of Avenged Sevenfold’s musical journey. This detail, coupled with gilded “SYN” and Deathbat inlays, transforms the Custom-S into a wearable work of art.

Schecter Synyster Custom-S Synester Gates Avenged Sevenfold
Sustainiac controls

Hardware Fit for a Shred King

No Synyster Gates signature is complete without divebomb-ready reliability. The Floyd Rose 1500 locking bridge, paired with precision Grover tuners, guarantees tuning stability no matter the intensity of Gates’ signature vibrato techniques.

The Sustainiac neck pickup unlocks a world of infinite sustain, fueling those jaw-dropping solos that have become synonymous with his style. It is paired with a Schecter USA Synyster Gates Signature bridge pickup with a black-engraved cover. The controls consist of volume, tone, and a three-way pickup selector switch, plus two Sustainiac mini switches.

Schecter Synyster Custom-S Synester Gates Avenged Sevenfold Schecter USA Synyster Gates Signature bridge pickup
Schecter USA Synyster Gates Signature bridge pickup

The Headless Mystery Deepens

Synyster Gates’ recent use of a gold headless guitar on stage has made a lot of waves. Could this be a sign of Schecter’s first foray into headless design with a Gates signature at the helm? Fans are holding their breath as the enigma unfolds.

 This guitar carries a price tag of an RRP of $2,859 (currently discounted to $1,999 on Schecter’s site), putting it firmly in the realm of guitars for the committed musician.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

It certainly makes a statement and will appeal to fans of Avenged Sevenfold. There are some great specifications in pickups and hardware, but you must be a fan of that relic look. Maybe not a guitar for everyone, but one that will turn heads for anyone who plays one live.

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