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Mooer Prime S1: The Ultra-Portable Multi-Effects Pedal for Guitarists

Mooer Prime S1- The Ultra-Portable Multi-Effects Pedal for Guitarists
The Mooer Prime S1 delivers incredible guitar tones, practice tools, and portability at an amazing price. Discover why it's the ultimate budget-friendly multi-effects.

Mooer continues its innovative streak with the Prime S1, one of the most compact and affordable intelligent multi-FX pedals. This little powerhouse offers incredible tone versatility, convenient features like a rechargeable battery, and an app-controlled interface.

Mooer Prime S1: A Revolution in Portable Guitar Effects

Mooer, known for its cutting-edge gear designs (like the Prime P2 and SD30i), is shaking up the world of multi-effects pedals. The Prime S1 aims to be the ultimate in portability and budget-friendliness, taking on industry giants like Positive Grid and Line 6.

Key Features

  • Ultra-Compact: Weighing 350g and easily fitting into any gig bag.
  • Huge Sound Library: 128 onboard effects and tone presets, plus an 80-second looper.
  • Battery-Powered Freedom: No more searching for outlets thanks to the rechargeable Lithium battery.
  • Practice Tools: 40 drum machines and 10 metronomes for honing your skills.
  • App Control and Full Rig Simulation: Tweak tones and access amp/cab IRs via the Mooer Cloud app.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Stereo outputs, Bluetooth, and USB for charging and audio interface use.
Mooer Prime S1
Prime S1

The Prime S1 Advantage: Portability Meets Power

The Prime S1 doesn’t just claim to be Mooer’s most travel-friendly pedal – it could be one of the smallest all-in-one multi-effects options.

Mooer Prime S1

This makes it a standout for guitarists on the go. While app-based control might not be for everyone, it’s the new standard exemplified by the Positive Grid Spark Mini and Boss Katana:Go.

Based on demos, the Prime S1 promises fantastic sounds and impressive features. Visit the official Mooer website for complete details.

MSRP – $179/€159

More Information

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One thought on “Mooer Prime S1: The Ultra-Portable Multi-Effects Pedal for Guitarists

  1. it would be nice if mooer made foot switches with bank up bank down instead of having to hit 2 buttons and also going in to looper or tap tempo by accident drives me crazy I want to be able to change tge assignments of the pedal switches

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