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EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse – Your Portal to Otherworldly Flanging Effects

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse – Your Portal to Otherworldly Flanging Effects
Celebrate the 2024 Solar Eclipse with the limited-edition EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse flanger pedal! Explore 8 flanging modes, tap tempo, presets, and more. Includes commemorative glasses

Experience the sonic wonder of the 2024 Solar Eclipse with the EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse, a limited-edition stereo flanger pedal that pushes the boundaries of the effect. This meticulously crafted sonic tool offers an unparalleled range of flanging tones, from classic jet-engine sounds to mind-bending experimental textures. Commemorate the celestial event with the included solar eclipse glasses and a visually striking design.

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse

This limited-run EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse model was made to celebrate the Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024, over Akron, Ohio.

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse
Celebrate the 2024 Solar Eclipse


Built upon the same groundbreaking DSP architecture as the iconic Avalanche Run, the Pyramids delivers stunningly realistic flanging effects with exceptional clarity and depth. Explore eight meticulously crafted flanger modes designed to inspire your creativity and expand your sonic palette:

  • Classic: Recreate the iconic “jet plane” flanging sound, a staple of countless classic rock and psychedelic recordings.
  • Through-Zero: Achieve authentic, warm tape-style flanging without the hassle and maintenance of vintage tape machines.
  • Barber Pole (Up/Down): Experience the mesmerizing effect of continuously ascending or descending flanging sweeps.
  • Trigger (Up/Down): Resets the flange sweep with each pick attack or tap, creating dynamic rhythmic effects.
  • Step: Explore sequenced flange patterns that add a unique rhythmic element to your sound.
  • Random: Embrace sonic chaos with unpredictable and ever-changing flange sweeps.
EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Solar Eclipse
Keep those eyes protected

Key Features 

  • Limited Edition ‘Solar Eclipse’ Artwork: A stunning design celebrates the rare astronomical event.
  • Includes Solar Eclipse Glasses: Commemorate the 2024 Solar Eclipse and protect your eyes while viewing.
  • Five User-Definable Presets: Instantly recall your favourite customized flange settings for seamless transitions.
  • Tap Tempo with Subdivisions: Precisely synchronize the flange effect to your song’s tempo for perfectly timed sweeps.
  • Multi-Function Modify Control: Fine-tune your sound even further with mode-specific parameter adjustments.
  • Positive/Negative Feedback: Dial in subtle modulation for added depth or push the feedback for self-oscillating, chaotic textures.
  • Variable Mix Control: Achieve the perfect blend between your dry and effected signals for ideal clarity or swirling psychedelia.

Unleash Your Creative Potential with the Pyramids Solar Eclipse

Whether you’re seeking traditional jet-like flanging or cutting-edge sonic textures, the Pyramids Solar Eclipse delivers. Expand your creative palette with this versatile and intuitive stereo effects pedal. Having eight classic flanger effects in one pedal is excellent, but having them in stereo is even better.

An excellent choice for stage and studio, this is modulation at its best!

If you are a fan of classic modulation effects, read our article The History of the Phaser Pedal.

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