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Aurora DSP Liver6 – Free POD 2 plugin for your DAW

Aurora DSP Liver6 - Free POD 2 plugin
Relive the glory days of 2000s metal! Liver6 delivers those iconic, overdriven guitar tones from the era of Myspace, crabcore, and questionable haircuts

Aurora DSP Liver6 allows you to step back to dial-up internet and MySpace domination with the free POD-style plugin, a cutting-edge VST plugin lovingly recreating the iconic sounds of the Line6 Kidney 2.0.

Aurora DSP Liver6

Liver6 is a cutting-edge, neural network-powered VST plugin meticulously simulating the iconic, somewhat plastic-y essence of the early Line6 Kidney 2.0.

That’s right, Aurora DSP has harnessed advanced technology to replicate a digital unit that was, in itself, a pioneer in pretending to be something it wasn’t.

Aurora DSP Liver6 - Free POD 2 plugin for your DAW
Aurora DSP Liver6


Metalcore breakdowns? Check. Post-hardcore emotional catharsis? Double check. Liver6 meticulously recreates the sounds of the original Line6 Kidney 2.0 – the digital modelling pedal that launched a thousand questionable home recordings.

Aurora DSP’s neural network emulation ensures that every overdriven riff and squealing harmonic drips with the authentically synthetic feel you remember.

Relive the soundtrack of your teenage years, complete with angst-fueled lyrics and questionable fashion choices.

Back to the year 2000

  • Relive the glory days: Embrace the digital-sounding, high-gain guitar tones that fueled early 2000s metal, post-hardcore, and the legendary crabcore scene.
  • Authentic retro emulation: Aurora DSP’s neural network technology nails the sound of your favourite low-fi guitar heroes.
  • Modern features: Liver6 combines nostalgia with tools like AI-powered tone matching, social media sharing, and even an “Emo Band Name Generator”.

The plugin is free to download and works for Mac and PC setups. It will run standalone or a DAW to host it, and it sounds pretty useful for a freebie.

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