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KHDK Deathscream: Unleash Thrash Fury with Kreator’s Mille Petrozza

KHDK Deathscream by Kreator
Breathe life into your digital amp rig with the KHDK Deathscream. This overdrive, designed with Mille Petrozza of Kreator, delivers analog warmth and power.

KHDK and thrash metal legend Mille Petrozza of Kreator have collaborated to forge the ultimate overdrive weapon – the Deathscream.

KHDK Deathscream

This KHDK Deathscream pedal isn’t just about aggression; it’s a precision tool designed to overcome the limitations of digital modelling amps and push tube amps into sonic overdrive. If you crave the warmth and power that define Mille’s signature sound, the Deathscream is your key.

KHDK Deathscream

From Studio to Stage

Mille Petrozza demanded perfection, and KHDK delivered. The Deathscream seamlessly integrates with his Kemper on tour for monstrous live tones and adds a new dimension of power to his tube amp recordings. Breathe life into sterile digital rigs with Deathscream’s rich analogue harmonics. Simultaneously, take your tube amp’s natural overdrive to the next level.

KHDK Deathscream

Sculpt Your Fury

Intuitive controls like Drive, Tone, and Volume offer incredible flexibility, while the Aggression switch dials in the perfect amount of sonic mayhem. Need to cut through the mix? Engage the solo boost for scorching leads.

Kreator’s Seal of Approval

This isn’t some generic signature pedal. Mille Petrozza’s years of touring with a Kemper honed the Deathscream’s design. If you want his sound, this is your path.

Handcrafted with precision in Prague, Czech Republic, the Deathscream delivers tour-grade reliability. Top-mounted inputs/outputs offer maximum pedalboard efficiency.

“The Deathscream is ultra-versatile, making Mille’s digital modeling amp warmer and enhanced with real, analog harmonics, At the same time, it creates crushing blows with a fully analog amp. We built this pedal because Mille wanted the perfect overdrive. He uses the Deathscream in the studio with his tube amps, and on the road with his Kemper.” – KHDK

Each pedal includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mille Petrozza. They are now available to order directly from the KHDK site.

MSRP – $249.99

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