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Solar Chrome Canibalismo: A Guitar That Ages with Your Music

Solar Chrome Canibalismo
Calling all metal guitarists! The Solar Chrome Canibalismo delivers aggressive looks with a unique, oxidizing metal finish, Floyd Rose, and Seymour Duncan pickups

If you crave the character of an aged, battle-worn guitar, the Solar Chrome Canibalismo is a metal dream machine. This unique guitar features a finish composed of actual metal that oxidizes as you play, evolving a unique patina that reflects your dedication and passion. This is a guitar that tells a story with every riff.

Solar Chrome Canibalismo

The Chrome Canibalismo, part of Solar’s cutting-edge Chop Shop collection, takes the concept of relic’d guitars to a whole new level. Its evil-cyborg, metal-devouring aesthetic is achieved through a meticulous five-stage process involving layering real metal over an alder body. As you play, the metal elements will respond to your hands’ natural oils and sweat, creating a singular, vintage-looking patina.

Chop Shop Innovation

Launched in 2023, Solar Guitar’s Chop Shop, assembled in Madrid, Spain, embodies a dedication to pushing boundaries in guitar design. The Chrome Canibalismo builds on the reputation of these ‘never-seen-before’ models, guaranteeing both killer looks and performance.

Solar Chrome Canibalismo- A Guitar That Ages with Your Music
Age over time


  • Body: Alder for rich sustain and tonal clarity.
  • Neck: Roasted maple for stability, C-shape profile for shredding comfort, three-piece construction for strength.
  • Fretboard: Ebony for smooth playability, 24 frets, 25.5″ scale length
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan Dual Rail (neck), Solar Modern (bridge) for versatile metal tones
  • Hardware: Floyd Rose 1000 bridge, Solar locking tuners – rock-solid tuning even with extreme playing
  • Other Features: Black hardware, Luminlay glow-on-the-dark side dots, a push-pull tone pot,
  • Includes: A hard case and a Certificate of Authenticity

Solar Chrome Canibalismo

Metallic Relic

With the Solar Chrome Canibalismo, you’re not just buying a regular guitar but investing in a metal instrument that will become a visually striking extension of your musical journey. You’ll potentially create something sonically and aesthetically unique each time you pick it up. It is a neat finish, but you have to love that aged metal look to want one.

We quite like this latest model from Ola Englund’s guitar company. It will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

Price and Availability

The Solar Chrome Canibalismo is available now on the Solar Guitars website for $2,199.

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