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Jerry Cantrell’s Iconic G&L ‘Blue Dress’ Rampage Guitar Stolen – He Found it!

Jerry Cantrell's G&L 'Blue Dress' Rampage Guitar Stolen
BREAKING: Jerry Cantrell's original G&L Rampage guitar stolen. This iconic instrument was used on nearly every Alice in Chains recording. Information leading to its recovery is sought. UPDATE - He has found it!

Jerry Cantrell, legendary guitarist of Alice in Chains, is heartbroken. His iconic G&L Rampage ‘Blue Dress’ guitar, an instrument of immense importance to grunge music history, has been stolen. The guitar was likely taken from his car in the Los Angeles or San Bernardino/Highland area.


Cantell has found his guitar!

Apparently., it was misplaced... LOL

Jerry Cantrell and his ‘lost’ G&L Rampage, which he has found

Jerry Cantrell’s Iconic G&L ‘Blue Dress’ Rampage Guitar Stolen

This 1984 single-humbucker G&L Rampage is instantly recognizable and the serial number is G016467. Let’s all help Cantrell get his guitar back!

'Blue Dress' Rampage
‘Blue Dress’ Rampage

Jerry Cantrell has shared this on Instagram;

MISSING GUITAR: Unfortunately over this past weekend we believe Jerry Cantrell’s original Blue Dress G&L guitar was stolen from his car in either LA or San Bernardino/Highland. It is pictured here and was encased in a black G&L gig bag. The serial number is G016467. If you have seen the guitar or have any information regarding its whereabouts, please contact immediately. We’re offering a reward to anyone who can help us locate the guitar. We sincerely appreciate your help.

Jerry Cantrell'Blue Dress' Rampage
Jerry Cantrell with his G&L Rampage

Identifying Stickers

It features a unique circle-and-square pattern, a blue-dressed pinup sticker, and worn “Rock” stickers from an early Alice in Chains supporter. Other identifying marks include band stickers for Soundgarden and Son of Man.

MoPOP Museum

The guitar was recently displayed at Seattle’s MoPOP Museum. Cantrell explained its significance, stating: “I bought that in 1985. That guitar has been on everything I’ve ever recorded, pretty much… I tried for decades to wreck it and it still exists.”

Sadly, structural issues have forced Cantrell to mainly use reissue models of the guitar on tour in recent years. G&L released a Jerry Cantrell signature Rampage in 2009 and an ultra-limited edition closer to the ‘Blue Dress’ design.


Cantrell is offering a reward for the guitar’s safe return. If you have seen the guitar or have any information, please get in touch with

G&L has also offered to build Cantrell a new guitar to help ease the loss.

Keep an eye on Jerry Cantrell’s Instagram page for updates.

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