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Methstang Miracle: Fire and Flood Ravaged 1966 Fender Mustang Restored

Methstang Miracle- Fire and Flood Ravaged 1966 Fender Mustang Restored
This fire-damaged, beetle-infested Fender Mustang was deemed a lost cause. Now, it's a stunning survivor with a tone as unique as its scars.

A vintage Mustang dubbed the “Methstang” was a fire and flood casualty. Miraculously, it’s been restored and plays beautifully – see the amazing transformation!

Methstang Miracle

Once a “zombie guitar” left for dead, a 1966 Fender Mustang known as the “Methstang” is now a stunning testament to the power of restoration. Fire-damaged, flood-ravaged, and even hosting a beetle in its headstock, this guitar was deemed unsalvageable – until one determined restorer saw its potential.


Purchased on Craigslist by @red_stick_guitarandamp and then masterfully reborn by YouTuber Levon Campbell of the Not A Luthier channel, this Methstang bore an agonizing list of injuries:

  • Melted pickups
  • Charred, shrunken neck
  • Beetle-bored headstock
  • Rotting pickguard
  • Faded paint and severe chip damage
Once, a 1966 Fender Mustang

The Miraculous Restoration

Against all odds, Campbell discovered that almost all of the original components were intact and surprisingly functional, including the pickups! After a deep clean, he was able to:

  • Craft a custom fretboard and pickguard
  • Resuscitate the molten pickups
  • Save the original tailpiece

The Methstang now proudly bears its battle scars. The charred pickups add a unique ‘smoky’ tone, and the acrylic pickguard reflects the history etched into the wood. This remarkable revival proves that even the most damaged instruments can find new life.

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