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Slash unveils new amp: Magnatone Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition

Magnatone Slash Blackout Edition
Slash unveils a new signature amp - the Magnatone Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition. This all-tube amp delivers exceptional tone and gain, inspired by Slash's legendary sound. Limited edition, pre-order now!

Fans of Slash’s iconic tone can rejoice! Magnatone has just announced the release of the Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition, a powerful new amp inspired by the legendary guitarist himself.

Magnatone Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition

Building upon the success of the limited edition green Anaconda SL-100 head and SL-4×12 speaker cabinet, the Blackout Edition features a sleek, stage-ready black 100% cotton croc textile exterior.

But the beauty isn’t just skin-deep. This all-American made amp packs a serious punch, delivering exceptional tone, gain, and headroom thanks to its 100-watt, all-tube design.

Magnatone Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition
Blackout Edition full stack

Crafted for Stadium-Filling Sound

Developed in collaboration with Magnatone engineer Obeid Khan, the Slash Signature SL-100 is the most powerful Magnatone amp to date. It boasts four EL-34 tubes for exceptional headroom and clarity, along with the signature grit that Slash is known for.

The amp features two distinct gain modes:

  • LO: Perfect for classic rock tones with a touch of modern refinement, ideal for humbuckers with a smooth, medium crunch.
  • HI: Inspired by modded 80s amps, this gain mode is fine-tuned for Slash’s heavy-duty humbucker sound, delivering clarity and preserving the natural voice of the guitar.
Magnatone Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition
Blackout Edition

Intuitive Controls for Easy Tone Shaping

The SL-100 features a user-friendly four-band EQ with Treble, Middle, Bass, and Presence controls, allowing players of all levels to dial in their desired sound. The 100-watt power amp ensures clarity and focus, even at high volumes.

For those who love pedals, the SL-100 comes equipped with a tube-buffered effects loop optimized for pedal use.

Matching Speaker Cabinet Completes the Package

The Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition includes a 4×12 speaker cabinet loaded with four Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, Slash’s speaker of choice. These speakers deliver the warm tone, smooth breakup, and gutsy upper mids that Celestion is known for.

The cabinet is handcrafted in the USA using ¾” Baltic Birch wood and features a closed-back design for focused sound. Plus, the Magnatone logo on the back even lights up when connected to the amp head!


The Slash SL-100 and SL-412 Slash Signature Collection Blackout Edition are available for pre-order now and will start shipping in July 2024.

This is a limited-edition release, so don’t miss your chance to own a piece of rock and roll history!

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