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Chase Bliss Onward: A Dynamic New Sampler Pedal for Adventurous Guitarists

Chase Bliss Unveils Onward: A Dynamic New Sampler Pedal for Adventurous Guitarists
Chase Bliss unveils Onward, a dynamic sampler pedal that captures your guitar playing and creates evolving soundscapes. Explore its features, controls, and sonic possibilities.

Chase Bliss Audio has unveiled the Onward, a powerful and innovative new effects pedal designed to transform your guitar playing into immersive, evolving soundscapes. This pedal is perfect for adventurous guitarists looking to push the boundaries of their sound.

Chase Bliss Onward – Dynamic Sampling Meets Player Expression

The Onward is an audio-controlled sampler that reacts dynamically to your playing. It captures your guitar sound in real time and then manipulates it through the pedal’s unique set of controls, creating a constantly evolving sonic tapestry that responds to your every note and nuance.

Chase Bliss Onward
Sampler and more

Built on a Legacy of Innovation

The Onward draws inspiration from Chase Bliss’s past collaborations with Tom Majeski, formerly of CooperFX.

This heritage is evident in the pedal’s connection to the famous Generation Loss MKII and the revered Outward granular freeze pedal. However, Onward furthers these concepts, offering a more focused and refined experience.

Extensive Controls for Deep Sound Sculpting

The Onward boasts a comprehensive control set featuring six knobs, three switches, and two footswitches. This allows players to sculpt their sound with incredible detail.

Key controls include:

  • Mix: Balances the dry guitar signal with the processed sounds.
  • Freeze & Glitch: Controls the two distinct sampling modes, offering smooth, sustained textures and rhythmic, glitchy effects.
  • Size: Sets the length and timing of the Glitch effect.
  • Sustain: Controls the decay of the captured sample with variable fade-in and-out options.
  • Error: Introduces intentional errors and variations into the Glitch effect for a more organic and unpredictable sound.
  • Octave: Blends in an additional octave for richer sonic textures.
  • Texture: Adds grit, vibrato, or chorus to the sampled sounds.
  • Footswitches: Engage the Freeze and Glitch effects for hands-free sound manipulation.
Chase Bliss Onward

Unlocking a World of Sonic Possibilities

The Onward’s dual sampling channels, Freeze and Glitch, offer a unique sonic palette. The Freeze mode creates smooth, atmospheric textures, while the Glitch mode delivers rhythmic and percussive effects.

Players can use these channels independently, blend them together, or lock one channel while playing along with the other, creating a dynamic and interactive soundscape.

Availability and Pricing

The Chase Bliss Onward is now available for pre-order at $399/€469. The pedal is in its final stages of testing and is expected to ship in mid-June.

Visit the Chase Bliss Audio website to learn more about this innovative new effects pedal and explore its vast sonic possibilities.

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