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PRS DGT 15: David Grissom signature amp with Tremolo

PRS Guitars unveils the DGT 15 amp - a collaboration with David Grissom! Get vintage-inspired tones in a 15-watt, affordable package.

PRS Guitars has announced the release of the DGT 15, a new signature amplifier developed in collaboration with the legendary guitarist David Grissom. This 15-watt, single-channel amp delivers vintage-inspired tones in a compact and affordable package.

PRS DGT 15 – Crafted for Discerning Players

David Grissom is known for his meticulous approach to gear and his signature sound. The DGT 15 builds upon the legacy of his first signature amp, the DG Custom 30, offering a more accessible option for guitarists seeking those iconic tones.

Vintage Tones with Modern Features

The DGT 15 captures the essence of David’s favorite vintage amps while incorporating several modern features for enhanced versatility. These features include:

  • Onboard Tremolo: Add a touch of classic, swampy tremolo to your sound.
  • Versatile Mini Toggles: Enhance your clean and boosted tones with dedicated mini-toggle switches.
  • Player-Friendly Controls: All controls are conveniently located on the front panel for easy access.
  • Compact Design: The lightweight head format makes the DGT 15 perfect for stage and studio use.
PRS DGT 15 head

Designed with David Grissom’s Input

PRS Senior Amp Designer Doug Sewell worked closely with David Grissom to ensure the DGT 15 perfectly reflects his playing style and sonic preferences. This collaboration resulted in a meticulously crafted amp that delivers exceptional responsiveness and tonal versatility.

A Perfect Match for Any Genre

Whether you’re a blues, rock, or country guitarist, the DGT 15 is a versatile amp that can handle a wide range of styles. Its ability to go from sparkling cleans to roaring overdrive makes it a perfect choice for players of all levels.

The PRS DGT 15 comes with a three-button footswitch for controlling boost, reverb, and tremolo.

It is also matched with a blonde/salt and pepper 1×12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The 1×12 cab features a ported back for an expressive tone that never sounds boxy.

PRS DGT 15 stack
PRS DGT 15 stack

Availability and Pricing

The PRS DGT 15 is now available at authorized PRS dealers worldwide. Visit the PRS Guitars website to learn more about this exciting new amplifier.

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