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Fender Announces Triumphant Return to NAMM 2025 After Multi-Year Hiatus

Fender is making a triumphant return to NAMM 2025 after a multi-year hiatus! Learn more about Fender's decision, the future of NAMM, and what to expect at the upcoming show.

Guitar giant Fender is officially returning to NAMM, the world’s biggest music gear trade show, in January 2025! This marks Fender’s first appearance at the event since 2020, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic and the company’s exploration of alternative marketing strategies.

Fender NAMM 2025

Fender CEO Andy Mooney cites the importance of in-person interaction and the excitement of showcasing new products at NAMM as key reasons for the return.

The company will still continue its online dealer events in the fall, creating a hybrid approach.

“We sadly missed actually having a physical presence at NAMM; that high-touch in-person long form interaction is vitally important for the industry.”  “Going forward, [Fender] will have more and exciting new products to intro at NAMM and then in the fall, we will revert back to our online dealer events… we’re thrilled to be back, we missed being there, and I’m excited to see everyone again back in Anaheim.” Fender CEO Andy Mooney

Andy Mooney and NAMM CEO John Mlynczak
Andy Mooney and NAMM CEO John Mlynczak

Fender is Coming Back!

Fender’s return is a positive sign for the future of NAMM. After several high-profile brands opted out in recent years, Fender’s presence could encourage others to follow suit. This could lead to a fully-stocked NAMM lineup in the coming years, much to the delight of music enthusiasts everywhere.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Fender’s announcement:

  • Fender will be back at NAMM 2025 for the first time since 2020.
  • The company will continue its online dealer events alongside physical NAMM appearances.
  • Fender’s return is a positive indicator for the future of NAMM.
  • We expect a well-attended NAMM 2025 with exciting new gear and industry personalities.

Stay tuned for more updates from Fender as we approach NAMM 2025!

NAMM 2025 – Events  Jan 21–25 | Exhibits • Jan 23–25 

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