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Squier Paranormal: Troublemaker Tele Returns & Offset Tele Meets Jazzmaster!

Squier Debuts More Paranormal: Troublemaker Tele Returns & Offset Tele Meets Jazzmaster!
Squier unveils wild new limited-edition guitars in the Paranormal Series: the Troublemaker Tele returns at an affordable price & the Offset Telecaster SJ merges Tele & Jazzmaster!

Fender’s Squier brand is shaking things up again with two limited-edition additions to their Paranormal Series: the troublemaking Troublemaker Tele and the genre-bending Offset Telecaster SJ.

Squier Paranormal – Troublemaker Tele Makes Affordable Return

The Troublemaker Tele Deluxe, known for its unmistakable Les Paul-inspired look, gets a mischievous makeover for budget-conscious players. This new version boasts dual humbuckers, a Gibson-style control layout, and a much more attractive price tag of $449.99 (compared to the previous $2,399 model).

Squier Paranormal 2024 Troublemaker Telecaster Black
Squier Paranormal 2024 Troublemaker Telecaster Black

Coil-splitting push/pull controls allow you to tap into classic Tele twang alongside the power of humbuckers. Visually, it features a bound body, a block pearloid-inlaid fretboard, and a colour-matched headstock, available in Aztec Gold and Black finishes.

Squier Paranormal 2024 Troublemaker Telecaster Aztec Gold
Squier Paranormal 2024 Troublemaker Telecaster Aztec Gold

Offset Telecaster SJ: A Match Made in Offset Heaven

This guitar is a dream for players who crave something unique. It’s essentially a Telecaster and Jazzmaster fused into one beautiful instrument.

Squier Offset Telecaster Ice Blue Metallic ·
Offset Telecaster Ice Blue Metallic ·

The Offset Telecaster SJ features a fixed bridge, single-coil bridge pickup, and a familiar Tele control plate for a classic Fender feel. But look closer, and you’ll find the offset body shape and neck pickup characteristic of a Jazzmaster.

Push/pull controls offer series/parallel and phase-shifting options for the neck pickup, further expanding its sonic palette. This guitar is a must-have for offset enthusiasts and is available in Ice Blue Metallic and Olympic White finishes.

Offset Telecaster Ice White Olympic
Offset Telecaster Ice White Olympic

Embrace the Unexpected with Squier Paranormal

The Squier Paranormal Troublemaker Tele and Offset Telecaster SJ represent Fender’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating inspiring instruments for players of all levels. With their unique features and affordable price points, these limited-edition Squier Paranormal guitars will surely be a hit.

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