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Guitar Bomb Giveaway – Win a Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive Pedal

Guitar Bomb Giveaway - Win a Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive Pedal
Want to win a rare overdrive sound? Enter our free giveaway for a Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive pedal in Gold! It captures the legendary tones of Bill Finnegan's Klon overdrive circuit. Don't miss out!

Enter our free giveaway to win this Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive pedal in Gold. This pedal accurately recreates one of the most unattainable overdrive pedals and has all the great drive tones made famous by Bill Finnegan’s original Klon overdrive circuit.

Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive

Guitarists seeking the coveted sound of the Klon Centaur, a legendary overdrive pedal known for its transparency, boost, and smooth breakup, can rejoice. The Warm Audio Centavo offers an accurate recreation of this iconic effect at a fraction of the original’s price.


Win a Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive
Win a Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive

MOD switch

The Centavo is comfortable acting as a boost pedal, but the saturation in the higher gain settings provides a platform for true “transparent” overdriven rhythm tones.

Adding the MOD switch on the back – famously requested by Jeff Beck on the original pedal- allows players to extend the bass response, impacting the lower strings to get added low-end drive tones.

Warm Audio Centavo: Built for Legendary Tone

The Warm Audio Centavo isn’t just another overdrive pedal. It’s meticulously crafted with premium components to deliver the authentic sound and feel of a legendary overdrive. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Uncompromising Tone: Experience the magic of TL072 op-amps, vintage-style diodes, and a charge-pump voltage regulator, meticulously chosen to replicate the iconic sound.
  • Seamless Integration: Buffered bypass ensures no signal loss when the pedal is off, maintaining your pristine tone.
  • Intuitive Controls: Dial in your perfect sound with simple Gain, Treble, and Output controls.
  • Extended Low-End Response: The MOD switch on the back unlocks additional low-end power, perfect for thicker tones.
  • Classic Aesthetics: A custom-cast “Champagne” enclosure with accurately tapered oxblood knobs adds a touch of vintage flair to your pedalboard.
  • Plug and Play: Connect using standard 1/4″ input and output jacks. Power it with a 9V battery or a standard 9V DC pedal adapter (not included).
Win a Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive
Built for Legendary Tone

Why is the Klon Centaur so sought-after?

Produced from 1994 to 2009, the Klon Centaur has become a holy grail for guitarists due to its:

  • Praised Clean Boost and Overdrive: Musicians like Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, John Mayer, and Josh Homme have used the Klon Centaur to achieve transparent boost, smooth overdrive, and mythical tonal magic.
  • Rarity and High Cost: Original Klon Centaurs fetch exorbitant prices, but the Warm Audio Centavo offers a more attainable solution.

Warm Audio Centavo: Capturing the Legend

The Warm Audio Centavo faithfully replicates the Klon Centaur experience, allowing guitarists to:

  • Achieve Legendary Tones: Enjoy the same revered boost and overdrive characteristics that made the original Klon Centaur famous.
  • Experience Transparency: The Centavo preserves the natural character of your guitar and amp, adding subtle enhancement rather than drastic coloration.
  • Own a Piece of History: At a significantly lower price point than the vintage Klon Centaur, the Warm Audio Centavo makes this legendary sound accessible to a wider range of guitarists.

How to Enter

To enter the free giveaway and win this Centavo, tell us which classic guitar effect pedal Warm Audio should recreate next.

You can also earn extra chances to win by joining our mailing list, following us on social media,  and sharing with your friends.


Warm Audio Centavo at Thomann

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