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Matt Bellamy announces new album featuring a song recorded on Jeff Buckley’s Grace Fender Telecaster

Matt Bellamy
Muse's Matt Bellamy has recorded using Jeff Buckley’s Grace Fender Telecaster.

Muse’s Matt Bellamy has announced his new album, Cryosleep, featuring a song recorded on Jeff Buckley’s Grace Fender Telecaster.

Jeff Buckley’s Grace Fender Telecaster

The new Matt BellamyCryosleep’ album is a special Record Store Day release #RSDDrops and will be available on 16 July 2021.

Jeff Buckley’s Grace Fender Telecaster


It is unique because Matt uses Jeff Buckley’s Grace Fender Telecaster on the track ‘Guiding Light’. The new album also includes a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water among the ten tracks.

Unintended (Acoustic) 
Bridge Over Troubled Water 
Behold, The Glove 
Take A Bow (Four Hands Piano) 

Tomorrow’s World 
Guiding Light (On Jeff’s Guitar) 
Simulation Theory Theme (Instrumental) 
Unintended (Piano lullaby)


It will be interesting to hear Matt play the Fender Telecaster Jeff Buckley recorded Grace with. I’m looking forward to hearing how the guitar sounds in his hands. My friend at Mansons Guitar Works got to work on the guitar when Matt bought it from a dealer in France, and I hear it’s a bit of a corker!

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