KHDK My Big Fatt Rawk – A Huge Pink Pounder?

The perfect tool for your guitar rig?

The new limited edition KHDK Electronics My Big Fatt Rawk ‘dickstortion’ pedal, was the lovechild of Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy and comedian Brian Posehn (The rock guy from the Big Bang Theory). Full of dick jokes will this be the ultimate tool for your rig?

When Penises Collide

This pink coloured stompbox was thought up by Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy and comedian Brian Posehn. You can read how it all came about here.

“Can it be about penises?”

With controls labelled Hardiness (gain), Length (volume), Girth (pre-distortion EQ) and Shrinkage (low pass filter).

Based around a solid-state circuit the KHDK My Big Fatt Rawk uses MOSFET technology, a built-in treble booster and has soft touch switching.

You have until the end of April to grab yours, as after that there will be no more.

RRP – USD 229.99

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