Damn it. Hammett’s Ouija ESP is up for auction now!

Kirk Hammett's ESP Custom Shop Ouija guitar is up for auction.

Well, he’s already flogged his ‘One’ ESP 400 Series S-Type, and now Kirk’s ESP Ouija is up for the chop via the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction site.

Kirk’s ESP Ouija

The ESP Custom Shop model features graphics from the Hasbro Ouija board game, and was used extensively live and on many, well known Metallica records. It appears the current owner is moving it on, and I suspect Kirk sold it to him to pay off the insurance bill for the Greeny Les Paul…

Kirk scrawled all over it!

Hand Written Message

It even has a hand written message on the back by Kirk to the current owner which reads.

 “This guitar has been one of my main touring & recording guitars of the 90s… This guitar has been used extensively on the albums Load, Reload, Garage Inc., Black Album and S&M.”

Kirk’s ESP Custom Shop Ouija with Floyd Rose trem and EMG pickups

The listing goes live on April 14 with a minimum bid of $225,000, though the guitar is, of course, expected to sell for a lot more, with estimates between $300,000 and $350,000 being thrown about. Lot # 12 could be a popular one!

Music is Win has just got his hands on the famous glow-in-the-dark Ouija guitar, so you can check it out in the video below.

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