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The new Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH ST, an affordable offset with style?

Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH ST
New modern affordable hard tail offset models from Fender's Squier Contemporary Series

Fender’s latest Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH ST gives players the chance to pick up a ‘budget’ offset guitar with a hardtail and twin humbuckers. It also has some great tonal variations courtesy of some very useful pickup switching options.

Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH ST

The new Squier Contemporary Jaguar HH ST is just one of three new Squier Contemporary models officially released today. It caught my eye, as it is based on one of my favourite guitar body shapes from Fender, the offset.

With a nice roasted maple neck, a pair of the SQR Atomic humbucking pickups that are wired up with a coil tap, plus a series/parallel switch and some great new colour schemes, these are some neat looking new guitars, and with great tonal options.

This also means these hardtail offsets could be great guitars for anyone looking for a flexible, but affordable instrument.

I like that Squier has used a sculpted neck heel, as that will make playing up the ‘dusty end’ a lot more comfortable which is never a bad thing. Plus you have a 12″ radius Indian Laurel fingerboard, which should make playing a lot smoother too.

Black & Chrome

The guitar uses a poplar body in that distinctive offset body shape, and you can them in either Shoreline Gold or Sky Burst Metallic finishes, both have a black pickguard and a matching black painted headstock.

The chrome hardware includes the pickup covers, control plates, and the adjustable bridge with its stop tailpiece, along with the sealed die-cast tuners. I must also mention that those tuners have split shafts, which I really prefer as it make changing strings a lot easier.

Modern Offset

All around I think these are solid offset models, and I prefer them to both the other models in the new Squier Contemporary release today. Sure, they won’t be for purists, but if you want a solid, cool-looking guitar with plenty of voicing options, then these really should be on your radar.

RRP – USD 449.99


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