Deep Pan Riffage?

Guess who ordered this 12" Deep Pan Pepperoni Tone machine?

Reverb’s Instagram account posted this Pizza Hut Guitar earlier today and it would appear that this promotional item has actually been purchased by YouTube’s Samurai Guitarist!

Pizza Hut Guitar

As far as I understand it, these Pizza Hut guitars were promotional items for the fast food franchise and they occasionally turn up on auction sites like Reverb.com. You can check this one out here for example.

12″ Deep Pan Pepperoni Tone?

12″ Deep Pan Pepperoni

This particular 12″ Deep Pan Pepperoni ‘tone machine’ just popped up on Reverb and they subsequently shared it on their Instagram account. What makes it possibly interesting, is that YouTuber Samurai Guitarist then left a message saying he’d just bought it!

Did it set him back a lot of dough?

How much dough did it cost him? $350 and he didn’t even get a free pizza or garlic bread with it. Normally, its buy one, get one free on pizza…

Apparently, it is one of three created by the fast-food chain and so it could vibe considered ‘rare’, if you are into pizza shaped guitars? They have popped up online before and so maybe there are actually more than three out here? I don’t know, I’m not an expert of Pizza Hut guitars and I really don’t know anybody that is.

This deep pan has two black split-pole humbucking pickups, a string retainer bar and a black TOM-style bridge. Along with a satin-finished maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium steel frets.

More Pizza?

If you need more pizza guitar action, then check out the Norwegian frozen pizza brand Grandiosa who teamed up with Amfisound Guitars to produce the video below.

Reverb.com Pizza Hut Guitar listing

Reverb.com Instagram post

Samurai Guitarist’s YouTube Channel


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