Eventide UltraTap delay the result of 40 years research

The new Eventide UltraTap delay is the latest in their dot9 Series of compact pedals and has bags of possibilities on tap

The new Eventide UltraTap delay pedal has now officially been released, and with 40 years of research behind its algorithms, this effect should be pretty impressive.

Eventide UltraTap

Eventide knows a thing or two about delay algorithms and their delay journey started all the way back in 1981. Which means this new UltraTap delay pedal has a good 40 years of research backing it up. With onboard delays which include rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge volume swells and modulation effects, this compact pedal is the lates in their dot9 Series.

40 years of research is behind the new Eventide UltraTap pedal


This pedal builds on the original H3000 UltraTap and manages to squeeze it down into this well laid out pedal format. The controls consist of Mix, Tap, Length, Feedback, Spread and Taper.

The second level of controls includes Tone, Predelay, Chop, Spd/Rise/Rel and Out Lvl, along with the Slurm control which is used for slurring taps together to create unique reverb and chorus effects.

You have two footswitches Active for turning the effect on and Tap for setting up your delay times.

Eventide UltraTap is part of the dot9 Series of compact pedals

Plenty of Presets

You have 5 onboard presets indicated by the 5 LEDs on the left hand side of the unit and 127 in total when using MIDI, so it has lots of slots to save your own patches. The UltraTap also has an expression pedal connection, plus an external aux switch for preset changes and various bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill Dry.

You get a micro USB port for talking with the Eventide Device Manager PC or Mac application for software updates, system settings and also creating/saving presets.

The Guitar/Line level switch allows the UltraTap to work well with guitars, synths, FX loops and DAW interfaces.

Rear panel of the UltraTap has lots of useful connections

Compact Delay Powerhouse

If you love a bit of delay, then this new Eventide UltraTap is certainly one you should try out. As ever with Eventide you are getting a lot of functionality for your money, plus the flexibility of a studio rack effect, but in a neat pedalboard friendly format.

Check out the demo videos below to hear it in action.

RRP – USD 279

Product Page


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