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Red Witch Unveils Limited-Edition “Euphemia” Sample Hold Filter Pedal

Red Witch Euphemia
Unleash otherworldly sounds with the Red Witch Euphemia, a limited-edition sample hold filter pedal inspired by legendary guitarists. This versatile pedal offers deep control for unique sonic textures and effects. Grab yours before they're gone!

Calling all guitarists seeking unique sonic textures and effects! Red Witch Pedals has introduced the Euphemia, a limited-edition sample hold filter pedal designed to unlock a world of creative possibilities. Inspired by the legendary tones of Frank Zappa and Carlos Santana, the Euphemia offers a distinct approach to effect manipulation.

Euphemia – What is a Sample Hold Filter Pedal?

For the unfamiliar, a sample hold filter pedal captures snapshots of your guitar’s signal, essentially “freezing” it momentarily before taking another snapshot. This creates a warbling, synth-like effect that adds a layer of unpredictable, bubbling textures to your sound.

Think of iconic tracks like Frank Zappa’s “Ship Ahoy.” The Euphemia aims to capture that essence, drawing inspiration from vintage pedals like the Maestro FSH-1 and Oberheim VCF-200. While those vintage models are highly sought-after and expensive, the Euphemia offers a more affordable and modern take on this classic effect.

Unleashing Your Inner Sonic Alchemist

The Euphemia goes beyond simply replicating vintage sounds. It empowers you to sculpt your own unique sonic landscapes. Unlike traditional sample hold filters that only control the effect’s speed, the Euphemia boasts additional controls for in-depth customization:

  • Velocity: Adjust the rate at which the filter shifts, creating faster or slower warbling effects.
  • Frequency: Target the effect on specific frequency ranges, focusing on the lows, mids, or highs of your guitar tone.
  • Aggression: Dial in the intensity of the effect, ranging from subtle psychedelic swirls to full-on sonic mayhem.
  • Mix: Blend the wet (effected) signal with your dry (unaffected) signal to find the perfect balance.
  • Bandpass Filter Mode: Turn the Aggression knob fully counter-clockwise to unlock this mode, allowing you to tether your guitar tone to a specific frequency for those classic “notched” EQ sounds popularized by Carlos Santana and Brian May.

It follows another limited edition run, with the Falcor chorus pedal created as a tribute to Fulton’s late father.

Red Witch Euphemia
Sample Hold Filter

Limited Edition with Hand-Crafted Care

Only 59 Euphemia pedals will be produced, each one meticulously hand-assembled, signed, and numbered by Red Witch founder Ben Fulton. This limited run adds a special collectable element for discerning guitarists and pedal enthusiasts.

Pricing and Availability

The Red Witch Euphemia is priced at $349 and is available for purchase directly from Red Witch Pedals. With its unique sonic capabilities and limited-edition status, the Euphemia is sure to be a hot commodity for guitarists seeking to expand their sonic palette.

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