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Red Witch Unveils the Heartwarming Falcor Modulator: A Tribute to Founder’s Late Father

Red Witch Unveils the Heartwarming Falcor Modulator: A Tribute to Founder's Late Father
The Red Witch Falcor Modulator is a 100% analog modulation effect. This limited run celebrates the pedal designer's late father

In a touching tribute to the founder Ben Fulton’s late father, Red Witch has unveiled the limited edition Falcor Modulator, a guitar effects pedal that is as unique as it is poignant. Each of the 60 units produced carries a distinct sound profile and showcases exclusive artwork derived from Fulton’s cherished photos of his father, Bill, who passed away in September 2023.

Falcor Modulator

The Falcor Modulator stands out in the world of guitar effects pedals. It’s not just a tool for musicians but a heartfelt homage to a beloved family member. Ben Fulton, the creative force behind Red Witch, shares his inspiration: “My kids called my father Falcor, after the luck dragon in ‘The Never Ending Story’. This pedal, with each piece featuring a photo of my dad that I adore, is my way of honoring him.”

Falcor Modulator

BBD Circuit

Craftsmanship and sentimentality are at the core of the Falcor Modulator. Each pedal in the 60-unit series is distinct, featuring a slightly varied take on the same BBD circuit, ensuring no two pedals are exactly alike. The design includes a sturdy enclosure, a front-mounted footswitch, and an LED. It also sports four top-mounted knobs for Velocity, Depth, Mix, and Resonance, offering a range of sound possibilities from subtle modulation to flanger-like effects and even ring mod tones.

The heart of the Falcor’s circuitry lies in the NOS MN3007 bucket brigade chip, meticulously tweaked to give each unit its unique modulation delay time. This means that each pedal is not just a limited edition but a true “one of one” piece, offering guitarists and bass players a rare opportunity to own a genuinely singular pedal.

Falcor Modulator pedal


Priced at $499, the Falcor Modulator is more than just a musical device; it’s a piece of art and a testament to familial love. Each pedal comes signed and numbered by Ben Fulton himself and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Available for purchase directly from Red Witch Pedals, this pedal is not just a tool for music creation but a symbol of the enduring bond between a father and son.

Red Witch Unveils the Heartwarming Falcor Modulator

Reflecting on the pedal and its significance, Fulton hopes that the images on each unit convey the essence of his father’s kind and gentle spirit. “I think he’d be pretty chuffed to see this pedal,” he muses. The Falcor Modulator is indeed a rare intersection of personal tribute and musical innovation, a must-have for those who value unique soundscapes and heartfelt stories.

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