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IK Multimedia ToneX One leaks online – Now official!

IK Multimedia ToneX One leaked online
A new IK Multimedia ToneX One has appeared online and looks to offer a cutdown version of the ToneX pedal with built in amps, cabs and effects

Images and details of a new IK Multimedia ToneX One pedal have emerged online before any official release.

UPDATE 24/04/24

Key Features

  • AMP / RIG: Load up to 20 presets with three playable slots to use anytime.
  • Load and play AI Tone Modelled amps, cabs, and pedals
  • TRS mono/stereo out to connect real amps, PA or FRFR cabs
  • Load up to 20 presets in A/B or on/off configurations
  • Onboard tuner, EQ, gate, compressor and reverb
  • Customizable micro-knob colours – add multiple pedals to your chain
  • TONEX Librarian to load and organize over 25,000 Tone Models and counting
  • Model your real rig with the included TONEX SE software
  • SOFTWARE: The included TONEX SE software can capture your rig, organize and transfer Tone Models, and enjoy the same tone you use live in your studio productions as a standalone application or a plug-in integrated with your DAW. TONEX ONE also doubles as a 24-bit/44.1 kHz USB audio interface, so you don’t need any other gear to plug into your studio. Record with or without the onboard preset for low-latency recording.

Available to order now at Thomann.

MSRP – $/€179.99

It has now been officially released.

IK Multimedia ToneX One

A Canadian dealer has advertised the IK Multimedia ToneX One pedal before its official release. There is not much to go on, but we have a price of $239 Canadian and the following specifications.

It looks like a budget version of their standard ToneX pedal in a smaller, compact mini-pedal format with four basic controls.

IK Multimedia ToneX One


Key Features:

Advanced AI Machine Modelling technology for hyper-realistic tone

• Play models of amps, amps+cabs, combos or distortion, overdrive, fuzz,

boost and EQ pedals

Stores up to 8 banks of 3 Tone Models each (2 for dual mode, 1 for bypass


Gain, bass, mid, treble, and volume controls

• Onboard EQ, gate, compressor and reverb

• Tracks all on-stage changes with “always saved” behaviour

• Dual A/B or on/off operating modes

• Cabinet bypass to connect to traditional rigs

TRS stereo output to connect to other pedals, PA or headphones

• Runs on standard 9v pedal power supplies

• Also works as a USB audio interface for recording

• Access to ToneNET to share, download and load over 25,000 free and premium Tone Models

IK Multimedia ToneX One leaked online
IK Multimedia ToneX One leaked online


IK Multimedia ToneX One
IK Multimedia ToneX One


It certainly appears to pack in the features, so it could be a popular kit for the money. It is undoubtedly very compact and has access to a library of tones. Plus, it doubles up as a USB audio interface, which could also be helpful.

MSRP – $239 Canadian

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