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Catalinbread StarCrash Collection – StarCrash Fuzz & SideArm Overdrive: Your Ticket to 70s Rock Tone

Catalinbread StarCrash Collection Fuzz and SideArm Overdrive
Relive the glory days of 70s rock! Catalinbread's StarCrash Fuzz and SideArm Overdrive deliver classic tones with modern features for ultimate sonic versatility

Catalinbread’s StarCrash ’70s Collection is your key to unlocking the legendary guitar tones of the 1970s. This vintage-inspired pedal lineup brings the raw power and sonic character of the decade’s most influential effects to your pedalboard.

Capture Iconic 70s Guitar Sounds with Catalinbread’s StarCrash Collection

Gear up for a blast from the past! Catalinbread expands its StarCrash ’70s Collection with two new additions designed to capture the essence of iconic rock tones. The StarCrash Fuzz and SideArm Overdrive pay homage to legendary effects of the decade, offering a unique blend of vintage character and modern playability.

Whether you’re chasing thick fuzz or a versatile overdrive, these pedals promise to fuel your creative fire and transport your sound straight to the golden age of rock.

StarCrash Fuzz: 70s Fuzz Face Reimagined

Get ready to unleash the fury! The StarCrash Fuzz pays homage to the classic silicon Fuzz Face, but with modern enhancements. Key features include:

  • Bias Control: Dial in everything from thick, saturated fuzz to gated, sputtering textures.
  • Low-Cut Control: Tame excess low end for a tight, focused sound.
  • Dynamic Response: Effortlessly clean up your tone by rolling back your guitar’s volume knob.
Catalinbread StarCrash Fuzz pedal
StarCrash Fuzz

SideArm Overdrive: A Versatile Tube Screamer Evolution

Inspired by the iconic green overdrive, the SideArm offers expanded tone-shaping possibilities:

  • Powerful EQ: A unique tilt-style Tone control and dedicated Mids knob let you sculpt your perfect overdrive sound.
  • Enhanced Gain Range: Go from subtle boost to full-on saturation.
  • Classic Mid-Boost: Capture the essence of the original Tube Screamer with the Mids control.
Catalinbread SideArm Overdrive pedal
SideArm Overdrive

Complete Your 70s Rig

The StarCrash and SideArm pedals are the latest additions to Catalinbread’s 70s-inspired lineup. This collection delivers the unmistakable tones of a transformative era in rock music.

Visit Catalinbread’s website today to explore the complete StarCrash ’70s Collection and discover your own vintage-inspired sonic masterpiece!

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