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Zoom MS-60B+: The Ultimate Affordable Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

Zoom Multi Stomp MS-60B+
Get the ultimate bass rig in a tiny package! The Zoom MS-60B+ offers amp/cab modelling, 95+ effects, signal splitting, and incredible value.

If you’re a bass player looking for the ultimate in versatility and portability, look no further than the Zoom MS-60B+. This compact powerhouse is a complete bass rig-in-a-box, offering everything you need to sculpt your ideal bass tone.

Zoom MS-60B+ Features That Pack a Punch

The new Zoom MS-60B+ follows the recent announcement of the MS-70DR+; however, this one is a dedicated bass preamp/multi-effects. It is packed with many great benefits for bass players and is also very affordable, making it one to check out for sure. It is less than half the price of the recent Boss ME-90B, and still packs in plenty of great features.

Zoom MS-60B+
Zoom packs in the features

Key Features

  • Extensive Preamp & Amp/Cab Modeling: Choose from 11 classic preamp models and 11 legendary amp/cabinet IR recreations to cover any bass style.
  • Over 95 Premium Bass Effects: Explore a massive library of effects, including octaves, filters, modulations, synths, and more. Use up to six simultaneously for limitless sonic possibilities.
  • Signal Splitting for Live & Studio: You can output your signal with or without amp/IR processing, which is ideal for sending separate feeds to your stage amp and the mixing desk.
  • Improved Analog Circuitry: Enjoy enhanced fidelity and a defined low-end thanks to a refreshed analogue circuit design.
  • MIDI Integration: Seamlessly change patches mid-performance with MIDI compatibility.

Power, Portability, and Precision

The Zoom MS-60B+ is surprisingly powerful for its tiny size. Its easy-to-use interface features a colour-changing LCD screen and four control knobs for lightning-fast sound adjustments. Cross Key switches simplify patch changes on the fly, and the built-in chromatic tuner keeps you playing perfectly in tune.

Zoom Multi Stomp MS-60B+
Zoom Multi Stomp MS-60B+

Expand Your Possibilities with Guitar Lab

Connect the MS-60B+ to Zoom’s Guitar Lab app (iOS, Apple version coming soon) to access an ever-growing library of additional patches and effects. Updates are easily loaded onto the pedal via USB-C.

Versatile and Affordable

The MS-60B+ runs on either standard power supply or batteries (up to 14 hours!), making it the perfect grab-and-go solution for practice, gigs, or recording. And at just $142, it’s incredible value for money.

More Information

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