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Mesquerfresquer 12-Stage Phaser – Classic Moogerfooger Tones in a Compact Design

Mesquerfresquer 12-Stage Phaser – Classic Moogerfooger Tones in a Compact Design
Pre-order the Mesquerfresquer 12-Stage Phaser – authentic Moogerfooger sounds in a compact, pedalboard-friendly design. Free worldwide shipping!

The wait is almost over! Pre-orders for the Mesquerfresquer 12-Stage Phaser begin April 19th at 3:00 PM EST. Experience the legendary sounds of the Moogerfooger in a pedalboard-friendly format, delivering everything from subtle tonal shifts to deep, swirling phasing and even ring modulation effects.

Mesquerfresquer 12-Stage Phaser

The JFX Effects Pedals Mesquerfresquer 12-Stage Phaser provides all the functionality of the classic Moogerfooger unit! It can apply everything from subtle tonal colouration to extremely deep phasing and even ring mod-like effects!

Key Features:

  • Authentic Vintage Phasing: Faithful recreation of the Moogerfooger’s rich, complex phasing.
  • Ultimate Control: CV/Expression inputs for precise sound sculpting and modular connectivity.
  • Compact Design: 35% smaller than the original, perfect for your pedalboard.
  • Premium Quality: Built in Canada for lasting performance.
JF-103 12-Stage Phaser
JF-103 12-Stage Phaser


  • DRIVE: Adjusts audio input gain with three-color level LED
  • BYPASS: On/Bypass switch with two-color LED indicator
  • RESONANCE: Determines the height and sharpness of the peaks in the phaser frequency response
  • RATE: Varies the LFO frequency from 0.01Hz – 250Hz with indicator LED
  • LO/HI: Selects between the low LFO range (0.01Hz – 2.5Hz) and the high LFO range (1.0Hz – 250Hz)
  • AMOUNT: Determines how much the LFO modulates the phaser sweep parameter
  • SWEEP: Shifts the phaser frequency response over a six-octave range
  • 6/12: Selects between 6-stage and 12-stage phaser modes
JFX-12-Stage-Phaser-2 rear panel connections
Rear panel connections

Pre-order yours now 

Shipping starts June 2024 with FREE worldwide shipping!

Pre-order the iconic Mesquerfresquer 12-Stage Phaser – authentic Moogerfooger tones, compact size, CV control. Reserve yours before they sell out!

Preorder £228 Sale Price, normally £279

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