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JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble: Retro-Style Chorus, Vibrato, & Flanger

JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble combines the EHX Deluxe ElectricMistress and Boss CE-1 into one BBD analog pedal

Introducing the JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble: Your Retro-Style Chorus, Vibrato, and Flanger Solution.

JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble

Dive into classic guitar effects with the latest from JFX Pedals: the Deluxe Modulation Ensemble. This versatile pedal is your ticket to the iconic sounds of the legendary EHX Deluxe ElectricMistress flanger and the pioneering BOSS CE-1 chorus pedal, all packed into one sleek, pedalboard-friendly unit.

JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble
JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble

Boss & EHX in one

With the Deluxe Modulation Ensemble, JFX Pedals brings the cherished tones of yesteryear into the modern guitarist’s setup. It expertly mimics the original effects, offering the ElectricMistress’s unique filter matrix mode and an optional direct output alongside the CE-1’s mono or stereo outputs. Moreover, a handy footswitch lets you easily switch between a lush chorus and a more intense vibrato effect.

CE-1 Preamp

But that’s not all. The pedal also features the much-loved CE-1 preamp circuit, known for enriching your guitar’s tone with warmth and depth. This always-on preamp circuit includes a two-way toggle for high/low settings and a level control, ensuring your tone is enhanced, even without engaging the effects.

  •  CE-1 preamp with high/low toggle and peak level LED
  • Stereo or mono operation (wet/dry chorus and vibrato in stereo)
  • Optional effects loop between the two circuits provides flexible routing options
  • True-bypass switching (flanger) and Buffered bypass (chorus/vibrato)
  • Standard 9V power via external supply (no battery power)
  • All analog BBD circuit
  • The same voltages and operation as the originals

Designed with the modern musician in mind, the Deluxe Modulation Ensemble is compact, making it a perfect fit for any pedalboard. It connects via top-mounted jacks and runs on a standard 9V adapter, minimizing its footprint.

Key Features:

– Authentic recreations of the Deluxe Electric Mistress and BOSS CE-1 circuits, including the filter matrix and chorus/vibrato modes.

– The beloved CE-1 preamp circuit, with a high/low toggle and level control for tone enhancement.
– Separate, independent circuits for each effect, with the option to link them via an effects loop for creative signal routing.

– Compact design with top-mounted jacks, compatible with standard 9V power supplies, ensuring it fits seamlessly on your pedalboard.

JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble- Retro-Style Chorus, Vibrato, & Flanger
JFX Pedals Deluxe Modulation Ensemble- Retro-Style Chorus, Vibrato, & Flanger

One for Frusciante Fans

Handcrafted in Canada, each Deluxe Modulation Ensemble pedal undergoes personal testing to guarantee top-notch quality. Whether you’re chasing the iconic tones of John Frusciante or simply looking to expand your sonic palette, this pedal offers unmatched versatility and historical sound fidelity.

Small batch Releases

The company is making this pedal in small batches. The statement below, taken from their recent Instagram post, explains the release schedule for 2024

I’m shifting my production to small batches with tiered pricing… Every quarter I will release a small batch of pedals and the quicker you snag ‘em, the more money you’ll save.

I’m hoping this system will make managing my inventory a little easier!

There will only be 80 total available this year (unless I have a B-stock sale or do some other special offer)…

We think they sound great, so you may want to get in on an order sooner rather than later.

MSRP – CAD $ 574.99 / GBP £329

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