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Brian May working with Gibson! – A Gibson Red Special?

Brian May working with Gibson! - A Gibson Red Special?
Brian May is working with Gibson. However, Brian May, is also well known for his inseparable bond with his Red Special guitar.

Guitar enthusiasts and Queen fans, brace yourselves for an electrifying collaboration set to rock the music world. Brian May, the iconic guitarist from the legendary band Queen, is joining forces with Gibson, the renowned guitar manufacturer. This news comes hot off the press from the grand opening of Gibson Garage London, where May stood alongside guitar legends Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi, marking a new chapter in guitar history.

Brian May is working with Gibson

So, what’s the buzz about? Brian May, known for his inseparable bond with his Red Special guitar—a unique instrument he crafted with his father—is venturing into a new realm with Gibson. While details are scarce, the partnership has set tongues wagging, and speculation is rife about what this could mean for the future of May’s beloved Red Special.

The announcement was made yesterday at the Gibson Garage London event that launched the new Jimmy Page Gibson range of guitars.

Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, and Brian May
Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, and Brian May

Gibson Red Special?

For years, Brian May Guitars has been offering fans a piece of the Queen magic with mass-produced versions of the Red Special, crafted in South Korea and overseen by May’s trusted team. These guitars, while accessible, don’t match the exquisite craftsmanship that Gibson’s Custom Shop and Murphy Lab are celebrated for. Could this mean we’re on the verge of seeing a Gibson-crafted Red Special with all the meticulous detailing and craftsmanship that fans and collectors dream of?

Brian May at Gibson Garage London with his friends
Brian May at Gibson Garage London with his friends

Epiphone Red Special?

The possibilities are tantalizing. A Gibson-made Red Special could range from a high-end replica to more accessible versions, potentially even under Gibson’s Epiphone brand. Such a move would not only celebrate May’s legendary status but also bring a piece of rock history into the hands of fans and players worldwide.

BMG Red Special in Antique Cherry
BMG Special in Antique Cherry

Stay Tuned

As we await official announcements, the music community is abuzz with anticipation. Will this collaboration result in a new line of Red Specials, or perhaps something entirely unexpected? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the partnership between Brian May and Gibson is set to strike a chord with guitarists and music fans everywhere. It will also cause a lot of arguments with Queen fans who attempt to recreate Brian’s unique Red Special, follow its history and geek out over the original guitar’s unique specifications.

Stay tuned for the next big thing in the guitar world!

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