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Gibson Garage London opens this weekend

Gibson Garage London opens this weekend
The Gibson Garage London opens this weekend. You can try out the latest and greatest equipment from all of the Gibson brands.

The Gibson Garage London is officially opening this weekend—the brand’s first official flagship store outside the USA.

Gibson Garage London

Billed as The Ultimate Guitar Experience, the Gibson Garage London opens this weekend, 24 February 2024. The site is at 61-62 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8NQ, in the city’s heart.

Gibson Garage London
61-62 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8NQ

Guitars Galore

The new store has around 300 guitars on display at any time, including Gibson USA models, Custom Shop models, prototypes and Epiphone and Kramer models. Along with Mesa/Boogie amplifiers and a range of Gibson/Epiphone acoustic guitars.

The Guitar Conveyor Belt

A conveyor belt on the ceiling shows off a massive range of guitars, and the store features many great instruments for Gibson fans to gawp at.

Gibson Garage London

Custom Shop

Visitors can pick out their wood, finish, pickups, and even knobs. The Gibson Custom Shop luthiers then create (or re-create) the guitar of their dreams. It won’t be cheap, but it will be bespoke.

Gibson Garage London
Gibson Garage London Custom Shop

Branded Accessories

There are also plenty of accessories to purchase, including strings, plectrums, t-shirts, guitar straps, and even a bespoke truss rod cover service available while you wait.

Gibson Accessories

Tourist Attraction

It looks like a great tourist attraction for any guitar enthusiast in London. Though, we guess it could be a costly visit if you decide to purchase.

Gibson Acoustics

Special Events

The new store is also being used to launch some very special Artist Model Guitars, including ones for Noel Gallagher and Jimmy Page. We expect many of these exclusive promotions now that Gibson has an official base in the UK for shoppers.

Especially as we have seen many similar events at the Fender Flagship Store in Tokyo, which opened last summer.

The new Gibson Garage London looks like a great place to visit. Let us know what you think if you make the pilgrimage to check it out.

Store Details

61-62 Eastcastle Street
London, W1W 8NQ

Monday through Saturday 10 am-7 pm
Sunday 12-6 pm

+44 800 058 4720

More Information




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