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Walrus Audio Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo: Your Lush Tremolo Upgrade

Walrus Audio Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo- Your Lush Tremolo Upgrade
The Walrus Audio Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo expands classic tremolo with presets, harmonic blending, stereo control, and more. Elevate your sound now!

The Walrus Audio Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo expands upon its predecessor’s classic, pulsating modulation, bringing a host of new features and stereo capabilities to sculpt a richer tremolo experience. Explore preset storage, harmonic blending, expanded waveforms, tap divisions, and complete stereo control.

Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo

Tired of the same old tremolo? The Monumental offers a unique Harmonic mode that creates a lush, phase-shifted effect inspired by classic amps. Blend it with standard tremolo for a truly custom sound. Add stereo width and rhythmic variations… this is tremolo with a whole new dimension.

  • True Stereo Input/Output: Immerse yourself in lush, spacious tremolo effects.
  • Preset Saving: Store and recall up to three favourite sounds, plus a flexible “live” mode.
  • Expression Control: Dynamically control your tremolo parameters with an expression pedal for real-time modulation.
  • More Tap Divisions and Wave Shapes: Experiment with new rhythmic patterns and unique tremolo textures.
  • Pan Control: Shape your stereo field, making the tremolo sweep and swirl between left and right channels.
  • Standard/Harmonic Blending: Dial in the perfect blend between classic tremolo and rich harmonic variations.
  • Rate Ramp Up/Down: Mimic the iconic “Leslie” rotary speaker effect with smooth speed changes.

Inspired by Monument Valley

Drawing inspiration from the vast desert landscapes of Monument Valley, the Monumental Tremolo blends harmonic and standard tremolo for lush, modulated tones. Tap into a vast range of possibilities, from classic tremolo to pulsating new waveforms, carving out your own unique sonic paths.

Walrus Audio Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo

Harmonic Mode: Vintage Vibes 

Channel the warmth of classic Fender Brownface amps with Harmonic mode. This mode modulates high and low frequencies of your signal in opposite phases, creating a warm, “chewy” tremolo. Use the S-B-H control to fine-tune the harmonic effect for your desired intensity.


  • PAN: Dictates the stereo spread from standard tremolo to a swirling, wide effect.
  • S-B-H: Seamlessly blend between standard and harmonic tremolo flavours.
  • Pro Tip: Experiment with PAN and S-B-H for captivating polyrhythmic tremolo sounds.
  • PRESET: Store up to three presets, plus the versatile “live” mode, to instantly recall your favourite settings.


The Walrus Audio Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo is available in standard or black enclosures.

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