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Cosmodio Instruments Pet Yeti: Distortion, Fuzz, and Far Beyond

Cosmodio Instruments Pet Yeti: Distortion, Fuzz, and Far Beyond
Sculpt your perfect distortion with the Pet Yeti. Multiple clipping modes, bit-crusher, clean blend, and vast gain range for limitless sonic exploration

If you’re the kind of musician who hungers for a wider world of distortion, the Cosmodio Instruments Pet Yeti promises a feast. Forget one-trick ponies – this beast offers a mind-bending array of flavours, from subtle overdrive to full-blown, glitched-out sonic annihilation. Plus, it plays nice with various instruments, not just guitars.

Why the Cosmodio Instruments Pet Yeti Stands Apart

  • A Distortion Chameleon: Guitar, bass, synths, drum machines – the Pet Yeti transforms them all. Its wide-ranging gain, flexible clipping modes, and clean blend ensure your instrument’s core character shines through while adding the exact level of grit you crave.
  • Unique, Not Generic: This isn’t a clone or a rehash. Cosmodio designed the Pet Yeti from the ground up for musicians seeking fresh, inspiring tones that make a statement.
  • Tweaker’s Paradise: Whether you love deep tone-sculpting or want to plug in and rage, the Pet Yeti delivers. Experiment with its bit-crusher, multiple gain stages, and voicing options to discover endless distortion textures.
  • Built to Last: This pedal is proudly built in the USA. It features true bypass switching and rugged construction that can withstand stage or studio life.

Key Features for Sonic Adventurers

  • Gain for Days: Explore everything from a subtle boost to unhinged distortion territory.
  • Voice Toggle: Experiment with symmetrical, asymmetrical, silicon, germanium, and op-amp clipping – each offers a distinct distortion personality.
  • Bite Toggle: Unleash the integrated analogue bit-crusher for lo-fi chaos, gated fuzz, and sonic textures from another dimension.
  • Strength Toggle: Control the input gain level, moving from cleaner tones to all-out saturation.
  • Clean Knob: Preserve your instrument’s clarity and low-end punch by blending in an untouched version of your signal.
  • Stage-Ready Design: Top-mounted jacks maximize pedalboard space, while the striking “Neon Nuclear Wasteland” or “Dark Doomy Deathscape” artwork makes a visual statement.
Cosmodio Instruments Pet Yeti: Distortion, Fuzz, and Far Beyond
Pet Yeti

Power Requirements

The pedal requires a 9-volt operation via an external power supply – no battery compartment.

Price and Availability

Ready to tame the sonic beast?

Experience the Pet Yeti for yourself for just $219. Order directly from the company site.

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