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Top 5 Fuzz Pedals – Guitar Bomb’s five favourite dirt boxes

Top 5 Fuzz Pedals - Guitar Bomb's five favourite dirt boxes
Essential fuzz pedals for guitarists! Get the inside scoop on 5 pedals to transform your tone, from classic growl to cutting-edge dirt

This Top 5 Fuzz Pedals list is our five favourite dirt boxes you must check out this year. We admit it could easily have been our Top 50, but we had to restrain ourselves and keep the list manageable.

Top 5 Fuzz Pedals

The Top 5 Fuzz Pedals is our list of great stompboxes.  It contains a range of fuzz, fuzz octaves, and dirt boxes that we think all guitarists should check out.

We will show you the fuzz pedals that will make your guitar sing, growl and get downright dirty!

Orange Fur Coat

Inspired by the Foxx Tone Machine, this Orange Fur Coat octave fuzz furthers and refines the original design. Now users can add in as much of the octave as they require with a dedicated knob and blend it in as needed.

Orange Fur Coat Top 5 Fuzz Pedals
Orange Fur Coat


It has controls for Volume, Fuzz, EQ, and Octave (adds a higher octave). We also love its foot-switchable octave, which will work once the fuzz is engaged.

It makes for a superb, versatile octave fuzz. We think it has a killer octave fuzz effect and is very well-priced. Adrian Emsley has done us guitarists a solid with his refined design and made a very sweet, bullet-proof octave fuzz pedal.

Warm Audio Warm Bender Fuzz

Next up is the Warm Bender Fuzz by Warm Audio. This recreation of a classic Tone Bender-style fuzz has two variations in one pedal and a modern voicing, taking up to three fuzzes in one!

Warm Audio Warm Bender Fuzz Top 5 Fuzz Pedals
Warm Audio Warm Bender Fuzz

Unleash Your Inner Fuzz Legend: Bender Tone Options

1. NOS 76: Early Bender Brilliance

  • Sharp highs, clear presence, and responsive drive: Cut through the mix with a sound that cleans up beautifully for nuanced playing. Perfect for capturing those early Bender tones that defined a generation.

2. NOS 75: Legendary Mark II Professional Fuzz

  • Thick, riff-ready fuzz with a robust bass response: Channel the legendary fuzz tones of the Mark II Professional Bender. This setting delivers the goods for those earth-shaking riffs that demand attention.

3. Silicon: Tight and Smooth Distortion

  • Precise low and high-end response with a smooth, distortion-like character: Experience a tighter fuzz experience with a more focused low-end and smooth distortion character, ideal for players seeking a distinct fuzz flavour.

Then, the SAG circuit reproduces the voltage drop (low battery), which makes it great for emulating that dying battery fuzz tone we all love.

Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz

The Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz is possibly one of the most affordable fuzz pedals on the market. It comes in an ABS plastic housing. However, do not be fooled by its cheap-looking orange plastic housing; this little fuzz can rip!

Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz Top 5 Fuzz Pedals
Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz

An Affordable Classic

This dirty little orange pedal gives you three different sound modes for classic fuzz, grunge, and gain boost, which is controllable via the dedicated Gain, Level, and 2-band EQ controls.

It is based on a BOSS FZ-2, a recreation of the original Univox Super Fuzz, and punches way above its price—a great pedal for achieving sludgy, doom riffs and beyond.


Electro Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Fuzz

The Electro Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Fuzz will offer guitarists the Smashing Pumpkins-style fuzz/distortion that many associate with their Siamese Dream-era guitar tone. It’s the late ’70s, early ’80s type Big Muff based on an OpAmp, as the name suggests. These are often referred to as the IC or V4 Big Muff and are very desirable pedals to own.

Again, this little orange and black box offers good value for money and is well worth owning.

Electro Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Fuzz Top 5 Fuzz Pedals
Electro Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Fuzz

Tone Bypass

It has the classic three controls for Volume, Tone, and Sustain and a mini toggle switch to remove the tone stack entirely from the circuit. This modern version is also a true bypass and is excellent for pedalboard rigs.

A lot of fun can be had with this pedal, and it also stacks beautifully.

Walrus Audio Eons Fuzz

Finally, you should check out the Walrus Audio Eons Fuzz, as it contains five fuzzes in one pedal and covers a lot of ground in one compact unit.

I. Silicon clipping traditional fuzz that’s well-rounded with a massive, compressed, and smooth sound.

II. Silicon clipping with an added bass boost that boosts the low end at the beginning of the circuit; compressed and crunchy.

III. Germanium clipping with a feel of “what if a distortion and fuzz had a kid?”; crunchy and dynamic.

IV. LED clipping diodes with a slight high-end cut; dynamically dark.

V. Hard clipping silicon transistors combined with LED and Silicon soft clipping diodes. The rowdiest modes with tons of gain are compressed, loud, and angry.

Walrus Audio Eons Fuzz Top 5 Fuzz Pedals
Walrus Audio Eons Fuzz

Voltage Fun!

Make sure to abuse the Voltage (lightning bolt) knob to crank up to 18 volts into the pedal’s circuit for massive, open fuzz sounds, or choose to starve it down to 3 volts for splatty, gated fuzz.

More Fuzz?

Did you enjoy our Top 5 Fuzz Pedals?

We love fuzz pedals, and as we mentioned at the start of this article, we could easily choose 50 pedals. In the comments section, let us know your favourite fuzz pedals, and we will share more of our top fuzz pedals soon.


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