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The Ultimate Tone-Shaping Tool: The Great Eastern FX Co. XO Variable Crossover Pedal!

Great Eastern FX Co. XO Variable Crossover
Unleash your tone's full potential! The XO Variable Crossover offers separate effects chains for highs and lows, opening a world of sonic experimentation for guitar and bass.

The XO Variable Crossover is a unique pedal that transforms your signal path into a sonic playground. By splitting your signal into separate high- and low-frequency bands, it unlocks endless tonal possibilities for guitar and bass.

Great Eastern FX Co. XO Variable Crossover

Designed for both guitar and bass, the XO Variable Crossover splits your signal into high- and low-frequency bands and sends it to two independent effects loops.

Great Eastern FX Co. XO Variable Crossover
Dual Effects Loops

Key Features

  • Dual Effects Loops: Apply different effects chains to your high and low frequencies. Run a fuzz pedal solely on your lows, add lush reverb to just your highs, or experiment with countless unique combinations.
  • Dedicated FX for Bass: The XO eliminates the muddy lows that often plague bass guitar effects. Finally, you can unleash the full potential of your favourite guitar pedals on bass without compromising your bottom end.
  • Variable Crossover: Seamlessly adjust the central crossover frequency to dictate exactly where your signal splits. The intuitive Crossover Frequency control and dedicated guitar/bass Range switch offer precision tone sculpting.
  • Tilt-EQ Functionality: Even without effects, the Return Balance dial acts as a powerful tilt EQ, boosting high or low frequencies while adjusting the centre frequency for dynamic tonal changes on the fly.

What is a Crossover, and Why Is the XO Unique?

Think of a crossover as a precision frequency filter. Unlike standard EQs, the XO’s active 12dB/octave filters give you sharp, targeted control over your sound. The core of the XO lies in its ability to move the central crossover frequency for boundless sonic exploration.

Great Eastern FX Co. XO Variable Crossover
Variable Crossover

Technical Specifications:

  • Crossover Frequency Range (Guitar): 300Hz to 3.4kHz
  • Crossover Frequency Range (Bass): 50Hz to 600Hz
  • High-pass and Low-pass Filters: 12dB/octave
  • Controls: Crossover Freq, Range (guitar/bass toggle), Phase, Send Flip, Return Balance, and Dry Blend

Creative Applications:

  • Selective Effects Processing: Distort your highs, modulate only your lows, or get even more inventive.
  • Dual Modulation/Delay: Layer effects at different speeds, intensities, or types for a mesmerizing soundscape.
  • Phase Cancellation Correction: Instantly fix phase issues caused by your effects chain.
  • Custom Pedalboard Routing: With a simple button press, you can reverse the order of your high- and low-frequency effects chains.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

 This could be a lot of fun to use live and in the studio, especially if you like to experiment with stompboxes—a great tool for any musician who owns many pedals and wants to use them in new ways. Don’t just take our word for it – explore the possibilities of the Great Eastern FX Co. XO Variable Crossover and hear the difference for yourself.

MSRP – £229

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