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The Zoom MS-70CDR+: Your Ultimate Guitar Effects Powerhouse

Guitar effects, multi-effects pedal, Zoom MS-70CDR+, reverb, delay, chorus, modulation, tone shaping
Transform your guitar tone with the Zoom MS-70CDR+. This multi-effects pedal offers chorus, delay, reverb, modulation, dynamics, filters, and more.

Looking to unlock a sonic universe of guitar effects? The Zoom MS-70CDR+ might be your new secret weapon. This all-in-one stompbox puts a ludicrous amount of power into a compact package, offering everything from essential modulation effects to out-of-this-world reverbs. Let’s dive in!

Zoom MS-70CDR+: Chorus, Delay, Reverb – The Holy Trinity

The Zoom MS-70CDR+ truly excels in these core effect categories:

  • Chorus: Get lush, shimmering tones with 43 varieties of chorus and modulation, perfect for thickening up clean parts or adding dreamy textures.
  • Delay: Explore everything from warm tape echoes to expansive digital delays. Up to 4 seconds of delay time and tap tempo keep things in sync.
  • Reverb: Add dimension with studio-quality reverbs. Think everything from subtle rooms to cavernous spaces – and with emulations of classic pedals, the sky’s the limit.

This latest model follows on from the Zoom MS50G+ multi-effects pedal released last October. These new + versions of the multi-effects bring the much loved pedal range up to date for 2024.

More Than Just the Basics: Dynamics, Filters, and Wild FX

The fun doesn’t stop there. The MS-70CDR+ offers a further 44 effects covering:

  • Dynamics: EQs, compressors, and more for precise tone shaping.
  • Filters: Get funky or experimental with filters and auto-wahs.
  • Special Effects: Step outside the box with pitch shifters, ring modulators, and beyond.
Guitar effects, multi-effects pedal, Zoom MS-70CDR+, reverb, delay, chorus, modulation, tone shaping
Updated with more power for 2024

Mix, Match, and Save Your Tone Cocktails

The beauty of the MS-70CDR+ is its flexibility. Use one effect to add a touch of magic or chain up to 6 simultaneously for mind-bending soundscapes. Store your custom patches in the 100-user slots or grab inspiration from one of the 80 onboard presets.

Key Features That Matter:

  • 140+ guitar and bass effects
  • Chain up to 6 effects at once
  • 100 patch slots with 80 presets
  • Intuitive design with color-coded LCD
  • USB MIDI support
  • Onboard chromatic tuner
  • Runs on AA batteries or AC
Guitar effects, multi-effects pedal, Zoom MS-70CDR+, reverb, delay, chorus, modulation, tone shaping
Zoom MS-70CDR+

Why Upgrade to the MS-70CDR+

If you’ve used the original, you’ll love these enhancements:

  • Next-gen circuitry: Improved sound quality for cleaner tones.
  • Expanded controls: Tweak each effect with more precision.
  • USB MIDI: Integrate with other MIDI gear.

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