Hear The Mandalorian theme played on an acoustic that sounds like a violin!

An acoustic guitar that sounds like a violin? Playing The Mandolorian theme tune... WTF?

Marcus Eaton has shared his covers of the themes from The Mandalorian and The Last Of The Mohicans all made using a Pickaso Guitar Bow

Bowed Acoustic?

The TikTok star has figured out a way to create authentic violin sounds using his acoustic guitar, a Pickaso Guitar Bow and some reverb/delay provided by a special acoustic guitar onboard ToneWood Amp effects unit..

The Gear

Marcus Eaton has taken the whole Jimmy Page violin bow trick and tipped it on its head. I always love to see the guitar being played in unusual ways and this latest video caught my eye when it landed on TikTok earlier this week.

If you want to have a go at it yourself, you’ll need the following equipment;  the Pickaso Guitar Bow and a ToneWoodAmp.

You can follow Marcus’s TikTok page from the link below and you’ll discover he does a lot of great covers, so it is well worth subscribing to his channel.

Marcus Eaton TikTok


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