Skateboard Guitar!

Burls Art has just built an electric guitar from 14 old skateboard decks.

Made from 14 old skateboard decks, this latest guitar build by online guitar builder Burls Art is the latest in a long line of instruments, all made out of weird things you wouldn’t normally associate with guitar making!

Burls Art Skateboard Guitar

What happens when you take 14 old skateboard decks, rip off the old grip tape and remove all the stickers/graphics, then cover them in epoxy resin and leave under a load of car jacks, which exert tonnes of pressure?

The Burls Art Skateboard Guitar made of 14 old skateboard decks!

Multi-Coloured Maple Ply

Well, you end up with a huge block of multi-coloured maple ply, which is perfect for building an electric guitar. Burls Art takes you through this whole process in his video below and it is a great watch.

The neck is made using the same construction methods as the main body

Check the neck!

I love the way he hand draws on the guitar body design, following the curves made by all the skateboard deck layers. Those lines and layers, give the guitar an almost boiled sweet look, and reminds me something that could come from the mind of Willy Wonka!

This guitar’s neck is also made using the same process and so the coloured stripes run the length of the neck, creating a really cool looking fretboard.

What’s Next?

Burls Art has previously built guitars from coloured pencils, foam board, Himalayan rock salt, coffee beans and jaw breakers! His YouTube channel, Instagram and website are all well worth a look, so sign up and watch as he creates more weird and wonderful guitars in the future.

Check out Burls Art main website and his latest Skateboard Guitar video below.

Burls Art

Burls Art Instagram

Burls Art YouTube


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